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Poverty and Education

No description

Holly Emery

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Poverty and Education

Children in Poverty
Helping a child get an education could change their life!!!
Roughly 32 million children in Latin America are suffering from poverty.

62.7% of children in Latin America are
affected by some form of poverty.
Most children work on a farm with their family
or live on the streets.

Younger girls work
as prostitutes in order
to survive.

We take things we have for granted!

Rural Brazilian children can't afford education...
Most work for their families survival.
Children who work on the streets in Brazil
get involved in gangs, drug trafficking,
thefts, and prostitution.

The government is
spending more money
on the roads than
educational purposes.
Will you help a child in need?
Donate money to Children in need!
Be the difference today!

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What if you lived in Poverty?
What if you didn't have an education?
Creative Commons
Noodle Tools

They need you... help a child today.

It will change their lives forever...
"Children At Risk Foundation." English. Kolibri, 1992. Web. 05 Jan. 2014.
The "Carf" (Children At Risk Foundation) is an organization in Norway that donates money to street children in Brazil!

But you can too!
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South American Political and Economic Affairs 3 Sept. 2010: 1. Print.
Explains the amount of effect that poverty has on Costa Rican children.

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about the poverty in Brazil (page 80).
By: Holly Emery and Victoria Stump
Darkanser, Drew, perf. Pray (Piano Version). Justin Bieber. Rec. 31 Jan. 2012. 2012. MP3.
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