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Mark Lee

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of SEO

Techniques used to maximize an organizations search engine ranking.
SEO refers to your websites ability to be recognized by all of the major search engines Importance of Monitoring Chester County Score Search Engine Optimization Website Social Media Presence Swot Analysis Strengths Business accumen
Website is up to date
National network of Chapters Weaknesses Website layout
Social Media Presence
Lack of Keyword use
lack of photo tagging
Web pages without titles Opportunities Increase awareness through social media presence
fix website deficiencies
Increase website traffic and conversion by using SEO tools Threats First Impressions of Website
Not keeping up with Business trends in the area of social media What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Why is understanding SEO Important to your organization? We all want to be #1
Helps increase exposure to your publics
Facilitates Brand Awareness
Search Results can target local Small businesses. What Matters Page Titles
Breadcrumbs Page Titles About US: labeled CHESCO on site
Start up Business Planning Workshops
Tailored Seminars and Roundtables:
Seminar Registration:
Http://chesterounty.score.org/node/879469 Keywords Are considered to be the building blocks of a search
Allows Search Engines to retrieve data faster
Spelling, punctuation and Capitalization all Matter
Google Adwords TAGS Critical element of user experience and search engine optimization
Appears on the top of internet browsing software
Most important place to use keywords Title Tags Meta Tags Provides information about a Website's content Links Anchor Text
Trust Rank
"Fresh Rank"
Social Media Sharing
Partnership Badges Breadcrumb Navigation Essential to a search engine friendly design.
Allows quests to navigate a website with ease.
Provides links back to each previous page. Facebook Over 1 Billion Active users
Majority of users are between the ages of 18-34.
77% of users interact with their favorite brands on Facebook.
56% of consumers are more likely recommend a brand after becomming a fan of that brand.
Allows businesses to share:
Product Information Interact on a personal level.
Promptly respond
Engage in discussions
Be Active! Statistics LIKE! Dislike Auto Posting
Block/Delete Negative posts
Being dorment
IN your face Marketing Twitter Background Information Resources 140 Million active users
340 Million Tweets per day
Average user is 39 y/o
140 Characters or less
Discover using #
Mention followers using @ Twitter for Small Businesses
business.twitter.com/en/smallbiz/ Do Share
Demonstrate Leadership and know how
Retweet followers comments
Be Active! Best Practices
https://business.twitter.com/en/basics/best-practices/ LinkedIn Worlds Largest Professional Network (LinkedIN)
Mission is to connect the worlds professionals
187 Million Users (LinkedIn)
25th most visited website in the world (linkedIn)
Google search visibility
LinkedIn groups connect users through keyword searches. (LinkedIn About)
Over 15 Million Small Business Professionals (LinkedIn Blog)
Allows for real-time feedback. (LinkedIn Blog) Resources http://marketing.linkedin.com/solutions http://blog.linkedin.com/ Who Found You and How?
- Direct Navigation
- Referral Traffic
- Search Traffic

Tracking conversion rates allow organizations to understand what efforts are working or not.

Cost of Customer Acquisition (677)

Analyze your demographics in order to determine the best outlets from which they can be reached. Social Media sites should be monitored daily for:
- Customer insight
- Added Followers/Friends
- What people are saying about your organization
- Most Popular Search Engines How do Search Engines Work Watch out for the Spider!
Pictures can draw attention if they can be found.
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Thompson, J. D. (2008). Organizations in action. New Brunswick, NJ: McGraw Hill.
XML Sitemap Generator. (2011). Retrieved October 23, 2012, from, www.xml-sitemaps.com Target Goal!
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