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Bella Swan Diagnosis

No description

Krystal Coker

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Bella Swan Diagnosis

-Born in Forks, Washington
-Parents divorced when she was 3 months old
-Has lived in Phoenix for the past 14 years
-Moved back to live with father during her Junior Year
-Becomes obsessed with Edward Cullen at first sight
-After 2 months of trying to keep his distant, the two agree to a date
-After one date, Bella claims to be completely in love with Edward
-When Edward leaves, Bella spirals into despair
-She starts to engage in risky behavior to see hallucinations of him
-Bella seeks comfort from Jacob Black
Axis I 296.24 Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode,
Severe with Psychotic Features
Axis II 301.83 Borderline Personality Disorder
301.6 Dependent Personality Disorder
Axis III Defer to Medical Practitioner
Axis IV Problems with primary support group
Problems related to social environment
Problems related to interaction with the legal system/crime
Axis V GAF 25 DIAGNOSIS Major Depression
-Depressed mood
-Diminished interest
-Psychomotor retardation
-Feelings of worthlessness
-Inability to think
-Suicide attempts Borderline Personality
-Frantic effort to avoid abandonment
-Unstable relationships
-Identity disturbance
-Inappropriate anger Dependent Personality
-Difficulty with decisions
-Others take responsibility
-Difficulty disagreeing
-Needs support from others
-Helpless when alone
-Another relationship
-Fears being alone
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