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Types of Joints

sarah sandford

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of A&P

Types of
Joints Synovial Joints What is a joint? How many types? Definition: A place where 2 or more bones meet is known as a joint or articulation. Fibrous/fixed cartilaginous/
slightly moveable Synovial/
Freely moveable CHECKLIST...
- Bones
- Articular cartilage
- Ligaments
- Joint capsule
- Synovial membrane
- Joint cavity (filled with synovial fluid) Freely moveable!! Pivot - Projection on one bone
- Ring shaped socket on the other
- Bones turn on each other Examples... - Atlas and axis
- Forearm Hinge - One convex bone
- One concave bone Examples... - Knee
- Elbow Ball & Socket - Rounded head and cup like cavity
- Allows greatest range of movement Examples... - Shoulder
- Hip Condyloid - Bone are almost flat
- Slide across each other
- Movement limited, bend and
straighten and move side to side Examples... - Joints in the wrist
- Also between
metacarpals and
phalanges Gliding - Bones are almost flat
- Slide across each other
- Movement is limited Examples... - Carpals
- Tarsals Saddle - Both bones have a convex
and concave
- movement is back and forth
and side to side Examples... - Thumb is the only joint
in the body Fibrous - Tough fibrous tissue lies between the ends of the bone, which are fixed together Example... - The cranium, made
of 22 bones Cartilaginous - Allows slight movement
- Seperated by pad of white fibrocartilage
- Held in place by ligaments
Example... - Vertebrae
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