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The function of exposition text

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Astrivi Casesani

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of The function of exposition text

How to make a good and correct exposition text ?
Exposition Definition
The function of exposition text
1. to expand something clearly
2. to develop the reader's knowledge about something
3. to expland and give definition briefly, accuretelet and solidly
4. to persuade the reader's that something which must happen or not.

we can fine exposition text on :
1. magazine
2. news paper
3. articel
1. Specify a TITTLE
Tittle : Dangerous of smooking
2. Create a THESIS or can be called as a statement or our opinion about something
Thesis : Smoking should be banned for health.
3. Determine ARGUMENTS or opinions to force the thesis that we make
Arguments : There are many harmful substance including in a cigarette. Those substance are methane, butane, nicotine that may harm your body.
Reiteration : There is no reason to smoke after we know the negative effects of smoking. Because it's harmful for ourselves and people around us, government should make a rule to forbid smoking in public areas.

Exposition is a literary device used to introduce background information about events, settings, characters etc. to the audience or readers.

There are two kinds of exposition text :
1. Analytical Exposition Text.
-Is a type of text that belong to the argument text of detailed author's about event or event
around (phenomena)

-The Function of analytical exposition text to persuade by presenting argument to analyze or
explain "how" and "why".
-The generic structure of analytical exposition text is
a. Thesis : The main idea of writer.
b. Argument : Present of the author the argument or opinion that support main idea.
c. Reiteration : Concluding part of analytical exposition contains rewriting of the main
idea of the 1st paragraph

2. Hortatory Exposition Text is the text which is represent attempt to bring the reader to do something or act in certain way.
-The function of hortatorical exposition text is to describe the communicative purpose and influence the reader that should not be.
-The generic structure of hortatorical exposition text:
a. Thesis
b. Argument
c. Recomendation : The advice to persuade of main idea (in the last paragraph)

*Exposition text can be in form of:
-Spoken argument
Thank You
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