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The Holocaust

No description

Lawrence E. Miller

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of The Holocaust

What does this mean?
- "People who are forced to flee their homes for one or more of the following reasons and where the state authorities are unable or unwilling to protect them: armed conflict including civil war; generalized violence; and persecution on the grounds of nationality, race, religion, political opinion or social group." (forcedmigration.org) Conflict-Induced Relocation What is an example?
The Holocaust: 1933 - 1944 (During World War II)
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party of Germany
The Jewish people of Europe
A collection of other minorities, such as: Gypsies, Russians and homosexuals, What?
The Holocaust was carried out by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler, and was the mass killings of 6 million Jews.
Hitler blamed Jews for all Germany's problems.
By forcing Jews to wear the Star of David, all Jews in Germany - and eventually all Jews in European countries that fell under Hitler's rule - became indentifiable.
Through transporting millions of Jews to concentration camps across Europe.
To make transportation easier, the Germans created Jewish ghettos: living communities consisting of relocated Jews.
With cramped and poor living conditions, many Jews died in the ghettos. However, with a community mainly full of fellow Jews, morale remained high as they were all together.
From the ghettos, Jews were then taken to concentration camps, where the the young and healthy worked and the weak and elderly were murdered by means of firing squads, gas chambers, starvation, cremation, or camp living conditions.
The Camps....
From "Night", read pgs. 29-46.
Auschwitz in Poland Ravensbrueck, Germany Buchenwald, Germany The Living Conditions...
Inside the crematory of Auschwitz Why did this happen? Anti-Semitism Propaganda
German propaganda aimed to influence public opinion against Jews. Jewish discrimination and stereotypes
Unfounded blame for Germany's troubles Representing Jewish Control and Consumption
"Jews Start War and Make War Longer" "The Eternal Jew" When did it end? In the mid-1940s, the Allies began liberating the camps...
The first major camp liberated was Majdanek, in Poland. Advancing Soviets found the camp.
Hitler committed suicide, by simultaneously biting into a cyanide pill and shooting himself in the head.
Class Discussion: Analyzing Anti-Semitic Propaganda
What do you know about the Holocaust?
Write at least 5 bullet points of your knowledge of the Holocaust
Share your knowledge with a partner
Once done sharing with a partner, we'll share with the class.

Warm-Up Day 2 - Warm Up...
Discuss with a partner what each of you learned from yesterday's presentation.
Be prepared to discuss with the class. Assignment:
Choose a picture from yesterday's presentation or find a picture on the internet from a concentration camp.
Write a 2 page double spaced reflective essay on your emotions and thoughts in response to your photo. Attach your photo to your essay.
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