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The Green Children

No description

P Baker

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of The Green Children

The Green Children
Why they were green
Some people thought that in Norfolk the children were poisoned with arsenic and left in the woods to die. Arsenic made your skin green, the children were found in the woods sick and confused. The children's parents could have been killed in a local fight in Fornham St. Martin only separated from wool pit by a river.
If the children were in the Thetford forest it would be dark to seem like twilight to the children. They could have heard church bells from a nearby town that lead them into a mine passage to Wool pit. They would have looked weird to the Wool pit villagers because of their Flemish clothes. Green sickness was a nickname for anemia caused by a bad diet it made your skin green.
The children were found by reapers in a wolfpit , the wolf pits were made to trap wolves killing the towns livestock. The reaper took them to Sir Richard de Calne who took them in. The children were baptized and the boy got sick and died. The girl learned to speak English and told people where she came from. She said she came from a place called St. Martins Land where everyone was green and it was always twilight. She said they had been herding their fathers cattle when they heard a loud noise the cattle ran into a cavern and the children followed them in. The sound of bells led them to Wool pit.
What is the history of this mystery?
The events were during the rein of King Stephen or King Henry II. There were two stories, one in Norfolk and one in Suffolk only a few miles apart.
The girl survived after the baptism and was later known as Agnes Barre.
The Children are shown on the Wool pit village sign today.
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