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No description

Oliver Lopez

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Videogames

In Minecraft the gamer has to multiply the number of sand and gunpowder needed to craft 1 TNT.
Call of duty gamers need to measure and divide their amount of bullets and the enemies left.
Problem set
Problem set
Brandon was playing pvz garden warfare with his online friends, if his friends left the game in half of wave 5 how may zombies did Brandon defeat if he has 3/4 zombies?
Bob had 30 bullets left and there was 10 enemies,
Call of duty
Brandon wants to craft 7 TNT's, how many gunpowder and sand does he need?
Problem set
Problem set
If it takes 2 bullets to kill an enemy, how many bullets is he going to have left if he kills all enemy
The answer is 10 bullets
Nicholas was playing GODZILLA smash 3. If he was on the last level on the boss how many blue , tiles will it take to defeat the M.U.T.O ? And if he used 32 blue tiles and each blue tiles damage is 10 how many hp will the M.U.T.O have if he had 32 blue tiles ?
320 damage to the M.U.T.O
By Brandon ,Oliver

To craft 1 TNT you need 5 gunpowder and 4 sand.
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