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Tanjong Rhu

No description

stlonesh 1999

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of Tanjong Rhu

Tanjong Rhu
The day after Mr Li's mother was buried,he is in his office feeling sad and anxious.Using the binoculars he bought for his mother,he looks out of the office window and counts the ships in the harbour.
Mr Li whispers to his mother that he remembers Tanjong Rhu.For a moment,he is overcome by emotions,but then he feels foolish and leaves the room quickly.
Rising Action
Mr Li recalls the day he presented the binoculars to his mother to help her see better.She wants to use them to see Tanjong Rhu,their old home,from his office.She takes a long time to complete her ritual in the altar room before leaving to go to the office.Ying,her granddaughter,is impatient with her.Mr Li scolds Ying for being rude.At his office,his mother cannot see what she wanted to see.However,she rembers their happy life at Tanjong Rhu.
Mr Li has sudden longing to return to his roots.He feels guilty that he has never talk to his mother about the past.He recalls visiting her at the hospital where she lay dying.He wants to ask about his childhood but she cannot answer him.He feels frustrated and takes it out on Ying.Father and daughter argue.They are interrupted by Ah-Ma trying to tell them about the key to the altar.
Falling action
After Ah-Ma's death,it dawns on Mr Li how important tradition is.He realises that he must now take care of the family altar.Mr Li performs the ritual of paying respect to his parents at the altar .He is unable to find joss sticks to complete the ritual.He does not know where his mother hid the key to the locked drawer
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