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Tangled PEE

By Cathy Cameron, Ella Crutchley and Lucy Vickers!

Lucy Vickers

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Tangled PEE

PEE on Tangled... Evaluate how camera angles, music and lighting are intentionally used for effect! In the trailer for Disney's film 'Tangled' there are many appropriate camera angles that are effective to mension. In our opinion the use of close-ups is one of the best. Close-ups are when the camera is very close to the main thing that you're meant to be focused on. A good example of this is when Flynn Rider is being dragged back into the shadows. As he is dragged back he comes from where the camera is positioned. The Disney designers may do this because it makes the watchers feel as if they are at the scene watching it all happen. Also, they do this so that the audience know what is the most important and who is the most important person to be watching. Close-ups show the detail that far away shots do not pick out, things such as the characters emotions and feelings are betrayed better in close up shots. As well, they are used for disinguishing main characters. The Use of Close-ups In the trailer for Disney's 'Tangled' there is quite a few interesting music tracks that are used for effect. At the start there is mysterious and engaging music, this is when he is being led to jial by the guards. This is probably done so that the watchers of the advert are drawn in and intrigued about what is going to happen at the end of the mysterious section. Next, as he is looking around surtivley, the tempo and texture of the music changes. The music gets louder until he starts to overthrow the soldiers. This is done to further engage the audience, finally the music changes to a fast section which sounds like a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or 'Indianna Jones' action shot music. This engages the atention of young boys as they associate this music with excitement and action! Eventually, as diferent shots from the film are played, the song 'Trouble' by Pink is played. This is played because it matches with the style of the film and what is going on, on the screen. Music... By Ella Crutchley, Cathy Cameron, and Lucy Vickers!
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