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Weight Management for Health and Longevity

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on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Weight Management for Health and Longevity

Successful Weight Management
for Health and Longevity

How Can You Lose The Belly Fat?
Obesity ...
is the 5th
cause of death
affects 1 in 10
people worldwide
causes more deaths than malnutrition
figures have
doubled since
What is the formula for calculating your Body Mass Index?
How do you tell if
your weight is in
the healthy range?
BMI: 16.5
BMI: 20.4
BMI: 33
Measure waist
circumference at
your bellybutton
An Increase in Visceral Fat Increases
Your Chances of Contracting:

high blood pressure
elevated cholesterol
heart disease
type 2 diabetes
liver disease
gallbladder dysfunction
inflammatory conditions
Visceral Fat Also Affects Your Body's
Hormonal Balances in Many Ways:
Visceral Fat:
- lies beneath the abdominal muscles
- surrounds internal organs such as intestines, liver, kidneys, heart
- cannot be felt
- cannot be removed with liposuction
- occurs even in thin people

Subcutaneous Fat:
- Can be pinched
- unsightly but not as dangerous
- less easy to remove with exercise

Must Do List -
Eat More of These
Avoid These
Natural, unprocessed foods
Plenty of fiber
Mono-unsaturated fatty acids
Complex carbohydrates
Lean Proteins
High fat, oily foods
Excessive consumption of dairy and meats
Highly processed foods (junk foods)
Get Enough Sleep
Manage Your Stress
Monitor your health
Make a healthy lifestyle
a family priority
Thank you!
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