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Gustav Klimt

No description

Kate B

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of Gustav Klimt

About Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt
Klimt painted mainly symbolism and Art Neaveau (modern). He painted a total of over 200 paintings (that are known of)!
1. What is Klimt's first name?
2. What was Klimt's most famous painting?
3. What was the name of the painting that we analysised?
Gustav Klimt was born in July 14, 1861 Baumgarter, Austria-Hungary and died in February 6, 1918. He went to the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and learnt about art, where his passion for art bloomed. At the school, he studied architectural painting until 1883, before painting as a career.
Art Work: Apple Tree i
Klimt and his paintings...
Gustav Klimpt has had his art shown off in only one exhibition. In July 2012, an exhibition was held and a large amount of his paintings were shown, including one of his most famous paintings, 'the Kuss', which translates into 'the Kiss'. The exhibition ended in January 2013.

Fun Fact 2
Klimt painted his most famous painting, 'the Kuss (Kiss)' juring the golden era of his painting. The golden era was when Klimt painted all his paintings with the main colour being gold.
The most expensive painting painted by Klimt was 'Adele Bloch-Bauer i' which sold for $116.8 million dollars!
Fun Facts!
1. Gustav
2. The Kuss (Kiss)
3. Apple Tree i
Analyse this painting....
What do you see?
What textures did he use?
What colours did he use?
Ask questions, find answers!
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