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Escape from Spiderhead

No description

Kelly Sterner

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of Escape from Spiderhead

STLYE: mood

Theme: Much like
Escape from Spiderhead
, in
The Vicotry Lap
, the protagonist is dealing with an internal moral struggle.
Plot: Kyle, a young boy who witnesses his neighbor, Alison being attacked and internally struggles with his morality, his insecurities,and all the rules/fear his parents instilled in him. Ultimately leading to him saving Alison.
Character: Kyle from is very similar to Jeff. Both of them have good hearts, and don't like to see others hurt. They both have insecurities and fears
that stop them from always doing the right thing, but
they both gain the strength and courage to make things
right by the end.

Jeff: the
. Jeff is the main character of the story, he would be described as a
character. He is very complex and changing as the story progresses. In the beginning he's docile and does what he's told, but as the story goes on he gains courage and rebels.

Abnesti: the
. He is a
character, his views never change. He maintains the theory that the means justify the ends. He believes he is working towards a greater purpose and sacrifices are sometimes necessary.
the mood of this story is very

The setting reflects the mood of control and oppression. There are 'workrooms' with one way mirrors where they conduct all their experiments, and the 'spiderhead' which overlooks all the workrooms.

Abnesti is constantly reminding Jeff that he has control over him. The mood of oppression and control give prominence to Jeff's internal struggle.
This story is written in first person narrative. First person narration, gives a deeper look into the main character.

Using first person narrative contributed to the theme of the story because we could see first hand, the back and forth of morals that Jeff is experiencing.

the reader knows the narrators exact thoughts and feelings because he is telling them to us, there is no speculation. By using this point of view, the theme of moral dilemma is highlighted.

• Escape from Spiderhead illustrates the conflict between an oppressive, harmful environment and in internal struggle of morality.

• The most important aspect of Escape from Spiderhead's theme would be
moral dilemma.

• The protagonist, Jeff, struggles with an internal moral dilemma. He finds himself in an oppressive, controlled setting, much like a jail. There he experiences many unethical experiments that play tricks with his mind.Ultimately, this internal struggle externalizes as Jeff tries to redeem the situation.

• Jeff is between a rock and a hard place, for lack of better words. He knows he has to listen to Abnesti, because even if he didn't they could inject him with Docilryde, but he knows he has to do something to stop people from being hurt.

The plot of the story begins en medias res.

The story starts off with Jeff being injected, via his 'Mobi-Pak', without any explanation as to where he is, why he's there, or even what a 'Mobi-Pak' is.

As the story progresses, the plot moves to show the power of the institution, and the hold it has over Jeff, fueling his internal struggle.

The events in the story emphasize Jeff's dilemma.
plenty of imagery is used to relay the intense effects of the drugs being administered. The quote below from the end of the story, when Jeff has purposely injected himself with Darkenfloxx, is a great example of imagery used by Saunders in this story.
"Night was falling. Birds were singing. Birds were, it occurred to me to say, enacting a frantic celebration of day’s end. They were manifesting as the earth’s bright-colored nerve endings, the
sun’s descent urging them into activity, filling them individually with life-nectar, the life-nectar then being passed into the world, out of each beak, in the form of that bird’s distinctive song..."
STYLE: imagery
Mood: both stories have similar moods. The mood of The Victory Lap also has a mood of oppression.Kyle felt oppressed by his parents, they filled his head
with so many fears and irrational rules that he was unable to think for himself. He struggles within himself to overcome their hovering and choose his own values and actions.

Point of view: although the victory lap is written in third person, it seems very similar to the point of view in Escape from Spiderhead. In The Victory Lap, George Saunders puts you right in the minds of both Alison and Kyle, with all their thoughts and feelings as they rush through their heads.
Escape from Spiderhead
Kelly Sterner
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