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KRCN 1060 The Biz: Advertising Packages

Information on some of the packages available, information on creating campaigns, and ideas of pieces to use.

Jeslyn Hamming

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of KRCN 1060 The Biz: Advertising Packages

Promotional Packages & Marketing Opportunities
KRCN 1060 "The Biz"
Your trusted resource for health & wealth information

The best overall package to stimulate quick business growth.
25 Packages available
$1,060/month with a 3 month commitment
(100) 30 second advertisement spots, which run 25 times per week, between 6am - midnight, for each four week period.
Become the Official Sponsor of the KRCN 1060!
10 packages available
$3,000/mo minimum 26 week campaign
(35) 60 second advertisements weekly
Digital Promotion across all online station networks
Sponsorship link on website + social media mentions
Inclusion on all station marketing material (remote banners etc.)
Inclusion in station contests
Plus, other cross-promotion activities.
The worlds most trusted financial information
N0 packages still available, at this time.
(4) daily framed title sponsorships of the Bloomberg Money Report
(25) 60 second ROS advertisements a month
Official sponsor of the top business morning show!
2 packages available
$2,500/month, minimum of 26 weeks
(2) framed daily sponsorships during the week
(4) 60 second advertisements during the show
(1) Interview on the show
Official Sponsor of Hourly news update
5 packages available
$2,500/month, 26 week commitment
(4) framed ABC News updates sponsorships daily
(4) 60 second advertisements in the hours immediately following sponsored report
sponsoring daily forecast weather updates is a great way to get noticed.
4 packages available
$1,680/month, 13 week commitment
(6) framed weather forecast reports per day
(6) 30 second ROS advertisements per day to run 24/7
A great option for resorts and lifts or anyone in the industry!
4 packages available
$1,360/month, 13 week commitment
(4) framed ski/snow report sponsorships per day
(2 in the morning drive & 2 in the afternoon drive)
(6) 30 second ROS advertisements per day, to run 24/7
Hotels, Resorts, B&B's
+ Ski Resorts
Exclusive offer in 3 levels!
Platinum Package: (All in Prime Time)
2 packages available
$10,000 one time fee for the 13 week campaign
(196) Ski Report sponsorships
(390) 30 second advertisements
(A total of 914 units, all in prime time for maximum saturation)
Gold Package: (1/2 the units & prime @ 1/2 the cost)
3 packages available
$5,000 one time fee for the 13 week campaign
(120) Ski Report Sponsorships (84 in prime)
(290) Weather Report Sponsorships (1/2 in prime)
(65) 30 second advertisements (26 in prime)
Silver Package: A great option for a little money!
4 packages available
$2,500 one time fee for the 13 week campaign
(41) Ski Report Sponsorships
(164) Weather Report Sponsorships
(39) 30 second advertisements
Put your business at the forefront of the up-to-date information business leaders seek out!
2 packages available
$1,900/month with a 26 week commitment
(6) framed Market Report Sponsorships a day
(6) 30 second ROS advertisements daily, 24/7
The only opportunity to completely saturate the market within a single month
5 packages available
$500 one time fee for MARCH only
(50) 30 second advertisements a day. 24/7
Are you a CPA, ready to put the word out? This is the opportunity for you!
4 packages available
$1,000 one time fee, covering until 4/15, the sooner you get in on this deal the more you get out of it!
(24) 30 second advertisements per day, 24/7
Auto-Dealer? Gearing up for a sale? This is the way to get the word out!
(12) 60 second advertisements
(12) 30 second advertisements
All in Prime Time, daily for 5 days! To Promote the heck out of the sale!
Having an event? Want community coverage and a live stream? This is the option for you.
$2,180 one time in advance fee. Covers, procurement of date/time, up to 3 hours of event coverage. Plus, (10) 30 second advertisements daily for 14 days to promote the event.
Stimulus Package:
Bloomberg Money Report Sponsorship:
Repaving Main Street Show Sponsorship Package:
ABC NEWS hourly report Sponsorship Package:
Weather Report Sponsorship Package:
Ski & Snow Report Sponsorships:
Stock Market Report
KRCN 1060's Website
& Community Calendar
Sponsorship Package:
A quick way to inform over 900,000 individuals you support their favorite station!
4 packages available
Sponsorship link on website with a redirect to your business
Social media coverage and promotion via KRCN's networks
Community Calendar Access for promoting business events/sales
Vehicle Window Sticker Contest Sponsorship Package:
Bring in more people as an official distribution center for the KRCN window stickers for contests.
5 packages available
$500 one time fee per contest
Your business will become an advertised distribution center and sponsor of the contest
(5) 30 second ROS advertisements daily, 24/7
KRCN offers the ability to fully customize an advertising campaign to fit within any budget to produce the best possible results.
Each client is unique and our goal is to build successful campaigns. utilizing the variety of mediums KRCN has available.
A few of the other offerings from KRCN:
Live 24/7 stream
Archived pod casts of each show available on the website and iTunes.
Interactive shows, through Radio Flag
Ability to customize any package to fit client's needs
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