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A Network of Networks

A presentation to Voices exec(s) to promote cohesive tech departments and promote use of effective standards for Voices

Jeffrey Budnick

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of A Network of Networks

Increasing Capacity & Leveraging Resources Fragmented actions vs
collective influence Today Strengthening Infrastructure Capacities vary within Voices membership How do we acheive a more cohesive network? How do we reach audiences more effectively? Should we use new technology? What new technology should we use? How should we use our new technology? What are the best standards in advocacy and what are the
best standards for using technology to acheive results in
advocacy? All members of Voices are at different places with technology use All Voices members use different procedures to accomplish daily (and otherwise) tasks Some people need more help than others Where is the place where members can go to communicate and collaberate? With great technology comes great responsibility. Simply buying a new software or a mobile app will NOT solve this problem. The hinge is NOT the technology. It is the people. Which people? What technology? The people (the tech departments) are solving the problems and providing the solutions for everyday activities. We should work from the back end to the front end.

Not the other way around. No clear pathways to link and communicate a shared agenda to key stakeholder groups
Unleveraged resources and under-utilization of the inherent value of the Voices network
Strategic, effective and timely outreach to our target audiences does not exist Limited ability to create and share exemplary practices and resources
Inability to foster unified messages under the Voices brand
Prevents generation of successful large-scale electoral advocacy and civic engagement Next Generation Workforce Questions? Next Steps Created by
Jeffrey Budnick
Lenore Messler A presentation by
Linda Alexionok
Larry Davidson
Melissa Raulston
Jeffrey Budnick Building the
Network of Networks Voices Challenges in managing existing and
forging new network relationships No collaborative relationship management approach to broaden constituent outreach
Lack of nation-wide coordinated campaign effort among Voices members
Unified programs, policies and protocols are key to guiding electoral advocacy and civic engagement actions Tomorrow Operating within a cutting-edge model that Collectively Organizes Groups to Succeed (COGS) Creating the Voices Practical Apprenticeship Center through a collaboration among the Voices Network members to cost-effectively strengthen infrastructure, increase capacity and leverage resources Strengthen the Voices network of networks through the PAC's portal (Power Of Relationships To Achieve Leverage) Training and education of state and local child advocates on allowable elctoral advocacy and civic education activities
Event seminars and webinars
Disseminate expert information to the Voices network
Access to all over-arching messages and calls to action for network use Database with contact information for target audiences, political experts and Voices staff
Ability to perform network-wide polls to more easily form concensus
Resource for collateral material such as videos, public service announcement templates, web presence standards, and brochure templates Resource through which Voices members can share exemplary practices and standards across states
Helps to create a permanent electoral advocacy and civic engagement presence
Coordination of outreach projects to candidates with the first manifestation of state-based follow-up to focus on key states The Future
All children are safe in their homes and communities from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation, violence and risky behaviors; and contribute to community well-being. All children achieve their full potential in a society that closes opportunity gaps and recognizes and values diversity. This goal also informs the work of all other core goals.
All children receive affordable, comprehensive, high-quality health care.
All children and their parents receive the services and supports to enable them to start school prepared for success.
All children have an equal opportunity to attend an adequately and equitably financed public school meeting rigorous academic standards aligned with the needs of the 21st century workforce. All children live in families that can provide for their needs and make investments in their future. Building the Voices Network of Networks
Strengthening Infrastructure, Increasing Capacity
& Leveraging Resources Voices for America's Children *All rights to this presentation and content are the sole ownership of the Children's Campaign Improved decision making

Better resource deployment

Greater reinvestment and resource development

Continual improvement cycle A Case Study: IBM The Question for the Voices Network of Networks: "Do any of us doubt it is time to examine the opportunity to strengthen our infrastructure, increase our capacity and leverage our resources?"

Then let’s begin... The COGS model brands and differentiates Voices from the rest of the industry players

Provides the foundation for growth and alliance building, electoral advocacy and civic engagement at the local, state and federal levels Up until the 90’s: one of strongest & most valued American Corporations

By the 90’s: reputation and brand had fallen into a state of chaos

No central coordination of mission and vision

Over 18 different logos & messages

Over 100 brochures, each different enough that it was virtually impossible to tell they were from the same company

Over 70 different ad agencies creating “70 little trumpets all tooting simultaneously for attention.” In 1993 IBM leadership came together and asked, “Does anyone doubt we can do this better?”

The answer? – "A unanimous YES WE CAN DO THIS BETTER, and LET'S DO IT NOW!"

The company re-engineered the way it worked and created a plan to build a single world-class global agency

The rest is history! The Practical Apprenticeship Model ™ Technology and Web Support Voices Network Member Services Provided Assigned Services Provided Services Provided Multimedia Center, Communications
& Marketing Public Policy Development Other Non-Mission-Critical Core
Services as Needed Voices
PAC Services Seek Next Generation Workforce College Students
(Future Workforce) Retired faculty & Seasoned Professionals Voices Network Member Voices Network Member
Learn the importance & benefits of civic engagement
Become life long child advocates
Ensures that the next generation of leaders puts the public policy needs of Children FIRST
Develop critical thinking and leadership development skills
Enhance team building, problem solving, & time management skills Apprentice (students) (mentors) Masters Apprentice (student) Other Stuff The blue and red cogs on the states DO NOT represent the majority political party in each state. OUTCOMES FOR THE VOICES NETWORK Strength in numbers Leveraged resources that facilitate low cost, high value, large-scale electoral advocacy and civic engagement
Utilization of the inherent value of the Voices network
Strategic, effective and timely outreach to our target audiences
Ability to create and share exemplary practices and resources
Coordinated nation-wide messaging under the Voices brand
Relationship management approach to broaden constituent outreach
Unified programs, policies and protocols that guide generation of civic engagement and electoral advocacy Over 60 members nationwide
Oldest and most reliable child advocates in many states and cities
Lots of infrastructure and power which can be leveraged and harnessed with 21st-century tools
Catalyst for positive change and public policies
Vision for a stronger network
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