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Bigfoot Encounters

No description

ciroannie santana

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot Encounters
Documented sightings of Bigfoot back to the 1830's and interest in Bigfoot grew rapidly in the twentieth century. People discovered large mysterious footprints in Bluff Creek ,California. After that the questions of Bigfoot's existence remains open to many people . I have seen three texts. As I saw each source I thought of the advantages and disadvantages of using one text media format over another.
10 Reasons why Bigfoot's A Bust
Advantages , Disadvantages
People have been making tracks of Bigfoot. But Radford points out how doesn't he know the track wasn't made by someone else. For Radford ,the only acceptable proof is the scientific one. Countless researchers are looking at every corner of the continents for evidence of Bigfoot, but haven't succeed. Radford says there is only one answer that Bigfoot isn't real. There is no hard evidence in form of bones. There are no hair samples, no live or dead specimens. That means that Bigfoot couldn't be possibly real.
Which One Is Better ?
10 Reasons Why Bigfoot's A Bust is a better format to look at. I say that because "Man or Gorilla" is mainly talking about how to man go out to find out if Bigfoot was real , by going to look for him in the forest. "10 Reasons why Bigfoot's A Bust" is a better format because is talking about how Radford has evidence why Bigfoot is not real. Its explaining how people have evidence that people say that Bigfoot's real when Radford proves that they

Name: Ciroannie Santana

Task: Analysis project
I have read the three texts: Encyclopedia entries from Britannica online and wikipedia. "10 reasons why Bigfoot's a bust and newspaper articles "Man or Gorilla" and "Monster hunt Grows". The sources that I used to see the advantages and disadvantages are "10 reasons why Bigfoot is a bust" and the article "Man or Gorilla". These sources are better to look at.
In this source It says how two Georgia man are storing Bigfoot's body in a freezer. Discovery News contacted Benjamin Radford, to rattle off the top ten reasons why Bigfoot is a bust. Radford was investigating about Bigfoot. Some scientist have found fossils and bodies of Bigfoot, but Radford wants to prove is not true. That Bigfoot is not real.
Man Or Gorilla ?
In this source is saying how Two rafts men named Toughey and Sallman are armed with weapons, had courage to go to the woods in hope of seeing the monster. They were lucky and found him. It says how the giant followed them yelling at them and gesturing wildly. But they are not sure if it was Bigfoot. They were saying if it was a gorilla or a man.
Advantages, Disadvantages
"The giant followed them uttering demoniacal yells and gesturing wildly"There is a possibility that it was Bigfoot, but It may be a man in a suit of a gorilla. Toughey describes a man that looks a gorilla, wondering in the woods nude in a perfect condition. That tells me that it may be a gorilla, but if it looked like a man then It may be Bigfoot. It also says that he emerged from a thicket having in one hand a tomahawk and the other a bludgeon. But how could it be so smart instead of running away he went after them.
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