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Space Beats

No description

estefannie .

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Space Beats

The Team
Space Beats is a new way to experience the stars, allowing you to be immersed in the universe and hear celestial bodies' songs.

How can space have sound?
Sound does not travel through a vacuum. Sound travels in waves in space by making molecules vibrate.

The space sounds are electromagnetic vibrations that naturally occur in space.

NASA designed special instruments that can record these electromagnetic vibrations, and transferred them into sounds our ears could hear.

NASA has released an API so that developers can use the sounds.
Digital Universe
Stars API
Space Beats
Sean Howard
Sherie Ruter
Dallas Kidd
Estefannie G. De la Garza
Space Beats
Science Hack Day Houston 2015

We extracted audio from NASA's recordings.

The audio was then transcribed to extract the musical notes from the planetary sounds.
After extracting the notes, the sounds were played with known instruments such as piano, voice, and marimba
The Instrument of Space

Individual notes were extracted from the audio files. These were turned into a scale that can be used to create music.
Instrumenting the beats
NASA's Sounds and Space Beats
To visualize the Space Beats' experience, we incorporated NASA's Digital Universe Stars API
The Space Beats Experience
Using NASA's star data, we displayed stars using their coordinates, color, and luminosity
To enhance the experience we incorporated the Oculus - Rift to view the universe
Oculus - Rift
Space Beats
Space Beats was developed using NASA's data, audio software, and visualization technologies to experience the universe.

Space Beats was developed to give people the senses of space.
The Sounds of Earth
The Sounds of Earth
La Vie en Rose played by Space
Star's color was exaggerated to represent the star's luminosity
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