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Active Listening

No description

Cody Malmberg

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Active Listening

Active Listening
What is Active Listening?

What are the Barriers to Active Listening?
There are several barriers that keep us from Active Listening and sometimes listening at all. These usually fall into these categories:
How do we Overcome These Barriers?
"Look at" the speaker

Take notes

Ask clarifying questions

Repeat what is said in your head

Remember words from relevant info and remember mood from irrelevant info
How does this help me at PayPal?
Less angry callers

Better feelings towards the solution

Quicker resolution

Better understanding of customer needs
L- Look Interested
I- Involve Yourself
S- Stay on Target
T- Test Your Understanding
E- Evaluate the Message
N- Neutralize Your Feelings
By Cody Malmberg
Smart people talk while wise people listen ~Confucius
Active listening is a communication technique where the listener will check in with the speaker in order to gain understanding of the message.
During this conversation the listener will also try to gain an understanding of the feelings of the speaker in order to respond appropriately.
By checking in during the conversation you not only let the speaker know you are listening you also give yourself the opportunity to ask questions to clarify anything you may not have understood. You can check in by:
Giving subtle verbal cues
Asking a question
Summarizing what was said
What are the benefits of Active Listening?
Motivating the speaker

Eliminate any chance for confusion

Helps speaker to feel understood

Helps listener to communicate more clearly
4 Rules of Active Listening
Seek to understand before seeking to be understood
Be non-judgmental
Give your undivided attention to the speaker
Use silence effectively
Be prepared

Avoid fake listening

Look at issue from speakers end
Paper Folding Activity!!!
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