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What Kind Of Music Was Popular In The 1800’s?

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Meadow Batten

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of What Kind Of Music Was Popular In The 1800’s?

Certain kinds of music is
very popular in this society. For some people music is their life, and the thing they enjoy the most. Nobody ever thought about what was the most popular genre of music before the kind we listen to came out. So, What was the most popular music in the 1800’s?

How It Was Made:
Music is supposedly just a happy accident. Though some people may think music was just invented, it actually started from a bunch of groans that made an rhythm. Music is said to have existed for 55,000 years. So What kind of music was popular in the 1800’s?
The Different Genres
Classical music, the beginning of pop,and folk were the most popular types of music. Music now might not be the same as in the 1800's, but there are some things that have stuck around. Like classical music or Jazz.
What Kind Of Music Was Popular
In The 1800’s?

The music we listen to can help people understand who we are or how we feel. Like, most country people listen to folk. Most of us can be explained by the music we listen to. So, we can kind of guess what kind of people they were in the 1800’s just by their music!
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