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Social Media Summit

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Transcript of Social Media Summit

Social Media Summit
New Ways to Improve Our Marketing
Topics for Discussion-
Current Social Media Posts
What Everyone Is Doing
What We Shouldn't Do
Our New Ideas
Types of Posts-
Promo: Shows
Products: Scott Living, Scott Shop
Events & Press: Appearances,
Article Features

Current Social
Media Posts

Promo Posts
Product Posts
Event & Press Posts
Research found on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of Drew, Jonathan and Scott Brothers Entertainment
What Everyone Is Doing
Compiled research of what popular accounts are posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

List Includes-
Other HGTV Stars
Music Artists
Relevant Networks
A-List Celebrities
Our New Ideas

Ryan Seacrest posts raw photos of American Idol season finale
Promo Posts
Product Posts
Event & Press Posts
Quote from show
and tune in information
Tune-in information with
behind the scenes video
Recap post and
collage of reveal photos
Sending out a post about the first day of filming
Promo Post
Our example:
"Had a great time promoting (insert show title here) with the @TODAY show!"
with a behind the scenes shot of Drew and Jonathan.
Write countdown on paper and take a selfie.

We can create videos for Property 101 tips
-Simplistic post
-Example to show that we don't always have to make our post too slick
Put quotes from show on photos
Have a pic of the guys and written content about show with show info.

Ex: "Tonight at 9PM, Jim and Cindy work with Drew and Jonathan to Scottify
their New York loft."
Khloe Kardashian reposts a picture of her shoes from another account
HGTV stages furniture for picture and provides tip
HGTV posts a link to a slideshow on their website
Nate Berkus keeps it short and simple when promoting his products.
Martha Stewart promotes her pet line with PetSmart
IKEA creates video tips
on how to use IKEA products
in the house
Product Posts
Create a collage to highlight products
-Great for ScottLiving & Scott Shopp

Ex: "Looking for new ways to spruce up your yard this summer? Check out these new #ScottLiving products and order yours today!"
We can highlight the craftsmanship of the Scott Living products

Ex: Our Scott Living Bronze Portofino fountain is beautifully crafted with a bronze finish.
Post pictures of Scott Living products from fans
-Perfect for all social media accounts
Add cute factor to Scott Living or Scott Shop posts by posing Gracie and Stewie with products.
Drew and Jonathan posing with
Scott Living furniture and
creating a graphic
For posts we can package it with
a tip, a promo for products
and a picture with a Scott Living
graphic on the picture
Get more behind the scenes photos or videos to use as promotion for Scott Living and Scott Shop
Event & Press Posts
Kevin Hart promotes his comedy tour
Kim Kardashian promotes her shoot with Vogue Brazil
Justin Timberlake promotes his partnership with Sauza 901 in comedic commercial
The Rock makes Instagram post about new article he's featured in and writes a heartfelt caption
Ed Sheeran makes a post about opening for The Rolling Stones
Taylor Swifts mentions her cover feature on Maxim
Leonardo DiCaprio tweets about a new article regarding his collaboration with Netflix
Make product collage and create pictures for Scott Shop
Have the guys pose with the magazine and snap a photo
-Vine Video
Have guys do funny photo similar to this for meet and greets
-Scotiabank events
Ex caption: Guess who's more excited to meet our CT fans tomorrow?
Snap pictures of Gracie and Stewie with a caption, "Gracie is ready to go and meet our fans in Ontario today! See you there :)"
Have guys write long and personal posts to show their passion for their work
-Shows more intimate side to them
Mentions Keith's name on his own post
What We Won't Do
Promo Posts
Has show info with tagging & picture from an episode
Show info with tags, video, and engagement opportunity
Promo post for Sailing with the Scotts including funny video and link.
Retweeting major networks that make posts about our shows
Info about show with reveal photos for Buying and Selling
Product Posts
Retweeting Gordman's for Scott Living Products and trying to build fan engagement
Scott Living post highlighting one of the items and adding link
Pic collage, hashtag and link to promote Scott Shop
Promoting products on other social media and creating social throws
Ex: Scott Living on Pinterest
Using a picture with graphic to promote appearance and Scott Living products
Event & Press Posts
Create a video during event and posting a "thank you" after the event
Creating post that tag the show and the host along with behind the scenes pictures
Providing event info with a link to purchase tickets
Inviting fans through Twitter, tagging and creating traffic to Scott Brothers website
Creating Vine videos at the event and tagging our hosts
Creating posts with tagging, link and a picture of the magazine.
Promo Posts
Has the information, but is too promo heavy
Has the show info, but lacking tags or engagement value
Repetitive information and doesn't give info on what show is about
Product Posts
Event & Press Posts
Compiled research of what popular accounts are posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

List Includes-
Other HGTV Stars
Music Artists
Relevant Networks
A-List Celebrities
New ideas to freshen up our posts based off our research

Promo Posts
Product Posts
Event/Press Posts
Great picture, but there isn't content to direct followers anywhere
Create collage of the guys in the same poses

Ex: "This season flew by fast! Check out the season finale of the Property Brothers"
Has the link and picture, but not enough text
Mention of an album, but no "meat" to the content
Bland post without the proper tags
Mentions magazine, but no tagging
Lacks interpersonality
Tweet is in all caps
Too much going on with tagging and links
Social Media Set-Up
Facebook and Twitter
Daily updates
Social throws
Video content
Behind the scenes
Sneak peeks
Reveal day pictures
Personal pictures
Tips & lifestyle
Funny & scripted videos
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