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the mountain tipes

No description

Juan Carrillo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of the mountain tipes

the mountain types by Brendan and Juan how is a mountain classifyeed Height over base of at least 2,500 m
Height over base of 1500–2500 m with a slope greater than 2 degrees
Height over base of 1000–1500 m with a slope greater than 5 degrees
Local (radius 7 km) elevation greater than 300 m, or 300–1000 m if local (radius 7 km) elevation is greater than 300 m Amoutain is a large mass of rock and dirt they are formed by the colishen of continets this is this is
Finger Mountain,
Azerbaijan fold mountains are the most commen type of mountains they are even fond in kaninaskis . most of the largest mountains are fold. Examples of fold Mountains:
Himalayan Mountains in Asia
the Alps in Europe
the Andes in South America
the Rockies in North America
the Urals in Russia Pictures of fold Mountains Himalayan mountains rocky mountains ural mountains
russa what are Fault-block mountains

Fault-block mountains are formed by section soft rock that slips or moves . The earth's crust that have been tilted or lifted up by the movement of two close fault lines, large craccks in the earth's surface. these are usually smaller than other types of mountains and are often separated by valleys.not vary comin (exp appalachian)

they are the most comin type of mountins Diffrent types of Volcano's Dome: composite

they are often huge with snow-capped peaks which are often exceeding 2500m in height, 1000sq.km in surface, and 400km3 in volume. there like a realy fat dog that ploms ash and lava
what are volcanos vocanos are formed from Strata: Shield: Caldera mountains

mountar one of the wonderains are
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