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Job Search and Social Media

No description

Michelle Zaff

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Job Search and Social Media

Clean up your Social Media presence
Social Media and Recruiting
Ellen Langer: Mindful vs. Mindless

When you are "not there" you are "not there" to know that you are "not there" (and we are "not there" much of the time)
credit card example, store clerk asked customer to sign credit card, then to sign credit card slip, then compared signatures- had to be the same, mindlessly following protocol
Example of Mindlessness
"Not there" + social media = potentially negative/embarrassing consequences
Mindful vs. Mindless
Taking a Mindful Approach to Social Media
What Could I Find?
PART ONE: Where should I apply?
PART TWO: Should we hire her?
Social Media and the Job Search
What type of co-op job am I interested in?
What type of work might I want to do post-graduation?
What is it like to work in a start-up environment?
Would I like working for a large corporation?
How do non-profits work?
I know what I want to do for my career, how hard is it to find a job post-grad? What could I be doing now to set myself up for later?

You have questions...
How can you find the answers and at the same time, begin to build a professional network???
Informational Interviews help you to:
Network- meet professionals in your field of interest
Gain inside information on a particular position, company or industry
Practice interviewing in a professional setting
How do I find people to interview?
Friends and family, doctor, hairdresser, temple/church, coach (and all of their contacts)
Northeastern Alumni
How do I ask for an Informational Interview?

* Could you describe a typical work day?
*What part of your job do you find most satisfying/challenging?
Career Path- How did your career develop?
* What is the typical career path in this field?
*Can you tell me about typical entry level opportunities?
How can I prepare for a career in this field?
*What advice would you give to someone who's interested in starting out in this field?
*Are there any professional associations and/or journals that you would recommend?
Anyone else I can talk to?
*Get a business card!*
After the interview...
*make sure your social media presence best represents your professional self
Questions to Ask:

Recommended by Career Services

Scans FB, Twitter, Instagram
for potentially harmful posts

Links you to post for easy deletion
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