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Job Search and Social Media

No description

Michelle Zaff

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Job Search and Social Media

Mindful Approach to Social Media
Clean up your Social Media presence
Social Media and Recruiting
Michelle Zaff
political science, philosophy, religious studies co-op
Heather Carpenter
mechanical engineering co-op
How to "be there?"
Notice new things
Look at familiar things from a different perspective
Ellen Langer: Mindful vs. Mindless

When you are "not there" you are "not there" to know that you are "not there" (and we are "not there" much of the time)
credit card example, store clerk asked customer to sign credit card, then to sign credit card slip, then compared signatures- had to be the same, mindlessly following protocol
Example of being "not there" :
"Not there" + social media = potentially negative/embarrassing consequences
Mindful vs. Mindless
Peer 1: they are so cool
Peer 2: they look ridiculous
Peer 3: why wasn't I included at that party?
Parent 1: that's my kid, so proud and glad he's having fun
Parent 2: I'm calling the school tomorrow
Employer 1: horrible choices, no discretion, will never work here
Employer 2: I know him, that's Sam's son, I can overlook it...
Peer 1: they look smart
Peer 2: they look like geeks
Peer 3: why wasn't I included in that study group?
Parent 1: that's my kid, so proud, glad he's working hard
Parent 2: why is he wasting time at a nursing home?
Employer: looks like he is collaborating, studying, invested in community service, bring him in for an interview

Mindful Approach to Social Media

Michelle Zaff
political science, philosophy, religious studies co-op
Heather Carpenter
mechanical and industrial engineering co-op
The Power of Mindful Learning, Ellen Langer
Lesson Extension 1:

Use LinkedIn to create a positive Social Media Brand
Career Development LinkedIn workshops
Importance of a COMPLETE LinkedIn Profile

Informational Interviewing Assignment using LinkedIn
Once you have a positive social media brand for yourself, use it to create opportunities
Use LI to identify 10 people that you would be interested in meeting for an informational interview
Google search names and include any information you have on them- STALK them, look for common interests
Reach out to them via email and meet them in person
Creating a Brand
Use Social Media for the Job Search

What Could I Find?
6-month, full-time work experiences
(January- June and July - December)

10,000 students participate in co-op each year

Over 85 Full-time co-op coordinators work with students in assigned majors and teach co-op class

Professional Development for Co-op Course
Skills/Tools: resumes, interviewing, cover letters, networking

Professionalism: punctuality, preparedness, ethical thinking, effective communication

Decision-making: during the search and on the job

Reflection and academic integration

Articulation of strengths and skills: self awareness, mindset, motivation, mindful thinking
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