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The Crucible Project

No description

yanna love

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible Project

The Crucible Project
The people I chose to do is Elizabeth proctor and Abigail Williams. In the crucible you are to constantly see the difference in their personalities. Now on to the journey of Elizabeth and Abigail.................. :)
Elizabeth's Bio-Poem
wife of john p., mother,victim of witchcraft
John, kids,freedom
death,losing her kids, being cheated on
becoming a mother, saving herself, revenge on Abigail
saving John, raising kids
Abigails Bio-Poem
Anger, naive, impulsive, manipulative
John P., attention, lying
betrayal, sadness, anger
everybody finding out the lies,losing John, not being in control,
the people of Salem believing her lies

The people I chose to who have different personalities
What emotions Elizabeth is feeling inside her heart
What Abigail is feeling inside her heart
Abigail has different characteristics from Elizabeth for a lot of reasons. Abigail is very jealous - hearted, self centered, mean,naive and just simply not caring. In "The Crucible" she displays all of these characteristics. Some examples are how she is determined to be with John Proctor even though he is married with kids, she doesn't care how Elizabeth felt. She has also lied to the people of Salem about witchcraft just to get the attention she so desperately wants. Abigail has no care for others, its all about her.

Elizabeth is completely different from Abigail. In "The Crucible" is more of caring, loving, well-rounded type of women. She considers others and also does not cause trouble. Some examples are how even though John cheated on her she still stays with him and loves him, she never try's to bring attention to herself, she thinks about others such as her children before making any hasty decisions. She also realizes that everything/ situation is not always about her.
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