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Body Image

Finding beauty beyond manipulated idealized icons in media.

Jenna Kalmon

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Body Image

Too many flaws. I doubt my beauty. my confidence. myself. I am tool. society's I lack the feeling of security. I will measure up. never never be content. I seek imperfections and find them. I surrender to pain to become perfect. I am incomplete. A victim of image control. The mindset we develop in order to live up to media’s expectations; or in other words,
society's influence on an individual's self-image. Image Control: (Revers) Individuals must remember that the true indicator of beauty is not in the manipulated, idealized icons. Having the correct mindset to declare beauty beyond images is power in itself. Did you know... Body image isn't just a reflection of how we see ourselves but a reflection of how we perceive our lives. So looking at yourself negatively Could also turn your world upside down. Did you know that Body image isn't just the reflection of how an individual sees himself but the reflection of the individual's life. so having a negative body image... Could turn your world (Davis) Upside down. Works Cited Revers: Your Brain Just Brighter. Collins, 2008. Web. 8 April 2013. Davis, Brangien. What's Real, What's Ideal: Overcoming a Negative Digital Nation. Dir. Rachel Dretzin. By Douglas Rushkoff and Rachel Dretzin. Frontline, 2010. Web. Body Image. New York: Rosen, 2008. Print. Keep in mind: Most pictures you see on magazine covers and internet sites have been edited in some form or fashion to depict the editor's vision of ideal. through Photoshop or other editing tools. Jones Jones, Meredith. “Media-Bodies and Photoshop.” Academia.edu. Controversial Images, 2012. Web. 4 March 2013. (Digital Nation) Those editing tools enable society to become more technologically advanced. But we should not become fully immersed into those tools. Distorted View of Beauty
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