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A Long Walk to Water

No description

Julia Restelli

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water

Major Setting Within The Novel
Character Traits of Nya
Themes in The Book
A Long Walk to Water

Presented by
Julia Restelli

Linda Sue Park
Nya's Village
Akobo Desert
because it is where the pump is installed to provide water for her village and other people. Showing the import of this setting is text evidence on page 111 when states, "The well was finally finished... In a few more days the school would be finished... Next year there would be a marketplace where the villagers could sell and buy vegetables and chickens and other good. There was even talk of a clinic someday..." This evidence shows how Nya's village very important because when the well was installed there, it completely changed how her village would be and impacted her life for the better.
The Akobo Desert can be considered one of the novel's major settings because it was here Salva was at his best, despite the heat of the sun and his painful toe injury, because he made it through the most brutal part of the journey. This is shown on page 54 when the text read, "Each time, Salva would think of his family and his village, and he was somehow able to keep his wounded feet moving forward, one painful step at a time." In this compelling evidence, which took place when Salva was walking through the Akobo Desert, Salva is shown to be making it through the excruciatingly difficult desert environment with determination, which is what makes the Akobo Desert such a major setting.
Throughout the book, Nya is portrayed to have many traits, one of which is caring, One of the times this is shown is on page 45, when the text read, "But what about next year at camp? And the year after that? And even at home, whenever Nya made the long walk to the pond, she had to drink as soon as she got there. She would never be able to stop Akeer from doing the same." In that text evidence, Nya is shown to be caring because she is very concerned about her sister's well-being and wants her to be healthy.
Another character trait Nya's is persistent. She showed this many, many times, one of them being on page 8 when the text stated, "She looked down at the bottom of her foot. There it was, a big thorn that had broken off right in the middle of her heel." Then, later on page 14, it was implied she had carried on with her walk; because she was at the pond. With that text evidence, she was shown to be persistent because she carried on with the walk to the pond, even though she was in pain from the thorn, because she knew it had to be done for the sake of her and her family.
Character Traits of Salva
In the text, one of the character traits Salva had was bravery. This is shown on page 7 when it stated, “Then he was running, too. Running as hard as he could, into the bush. Away from home.” In this text, at just eleven years old, Salva was separated from his family. But even though he did not know where he was going to go and what would happen, he left to safety.
Another trait of Salva's is family-oriented, meaning he really cares about and loves his family. One example was on page 93 when the book stated, "“Coca-Cola! Long ago, Salva’s father had once brought a few bottles of Coca-Cola back from his trip to the market… And with each sip, Salva remembered his family passing the bottles from hand to hand, laughing at the tickly bubbles, sharing and laughing together...“ Salva is shown to be family-oriented in that evidence because he is reminiscing one more about the wonderful memories he has, which also shows how close he is to his family.
Water is a vital resource
My Book Rating
All-in-all,I give this book 4/5 stars. This reason for this being that I loved the story and what it had to say, as well as how it introduces people to a real-world problem. However, I didn't like how easy it was for me to read, and that lost some of my interest as a result.
Out of all the themes in the book, I consider this to be one of them. Page 18 has compelling proof of this when it states, "'You have seen that the pond is only a puddle now... I will go to a different village near water.'" The evidence previously stated proved that "Water is a Vital Resource" is a theme in book. This is because, as said in the evidence, people have to move around based on where they can find water, because they need it to live.
People can overcome difficult environments
with persistence
This is another one of the themes in the book, and it was proved when the text stated on page 41, “Each time, Salva would think of his family and his village, and he was somehow able to keep his wounded feet moving forward, one painful step at a time.” The evidence shows this is a theme in the book because Salva did this when he was very weak and vulnerable in the heat of the desert. As difficult as it was with an injury on top of it, Salva did not give up.
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Another trait of Nya's is her being observant. On page 76 of the novel, this was shown when the text voiced, “All the workers work the same blue coveralls; still, Nya could tell who was the boss. He was one of the two men who had first come to the village.” This shows how she is observant because nobody told Nya who the boss was. She managed to figure that out by noticing certain things and putting it together.
Rochester, New York
Rochester, New York plays a major role in the book because not only is
this where he resided during his time in America, but it is also the place he was able to start up his Water For Sudan project. In the text, on page 107-108, this is explained when it says, "Back in Rochester, Salva began working on his project. There were, it seemed, a million problems to be solved. He needed a lot of help. Chris and Louise gave him many suggestions. Scott, a friend of theirs, was an expert in setting up projects like the one Salva had in mind." This shows how Rochester, New York is a major setting because the evidence show how him being in Rochester accessed him to the people to set up his project.
Located in Southern Sudan, Nya's village plays an important role in the novel

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My Book Trailer
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