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Himanshi Dhiman

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By:Gary Paulsen Crash The fire is an significant part of Hatchet because the way Brian had learned to make a fire was unique. I say this is because Brian had threw the hatchet really hard and that had made a spark. The sparks that Brian had created made him think that he needs sparks to make a fire. Brian had gotten birch bark and ripped it into little peaces to put in the fire, so it would start the fire. Also Brian had used his background knowledge from watching television or even reading books. Brian had used grass and twigs and other materials that he had to make the fire running for many days. By:Himanshi Dhiman Introduction Fool Birds\Finding Gut Cherries I would say that the gut cherries are a significant part of the book Hatchet because gut cherries was Brian's first food source that he had found. If Brian didn't find any food for the first few days since the crash Brian would have been starving and he would have gotten sick.

But the way Brian had found the gut cherries was really unique. Brian had got help from the fool birds. Brian knew that these birds were looking for some kind of food because the fool birds were in a group going in the same direction. Brian knew that the birds would help him find at least some kind of food. Then Brian had found the berries bush. For the Hatchet final assignment I found the five key parts in the book.
Here are my points
The crash
The fool birds and the gut cherries
Brian building the fire
Change of attitude and plane passing
Finding the survival pack and getting rescued Book Cover! The crash is a significant of the book Hatchet because Brian was going to Northern Canada to meet this father. But on the way the pilot had a heart attack and passed away. Then Brian had to fly the plane all by himself with no help from anyone. If Brian had not flew the plane he would have crashed. But Brian was smart enough to teach himself how to land the plane. Fire Hatchet Over 2,000,000copies sold By Himanshi Dhiman Gary Paulsen This is a new book cover for Hatchet by Gary Paulsen In my opinion I say that Brian was smart to make a plan to fly a plane. It is not easy to think straight in a situation like Brian was in. Later on, Brian kept on thinking of what was going to happen to him and he though of how to keep himself safe in the wilderness. If I was in his shoes, I would have panicked. Also, I would have been scared because I've never flew a plane all by my self with no ones help and I would be alone in the wilderness. In my opinion Brain following his instinct to find berries was a really good idea because Brian's idea of using the fool birds led him to a food source. The berries were really important because Brian had never been in a situation that he has to find food. In my opinion Brian's way making a fire was really unique because if Brian had not hit his hatchet really hard on the ground he would not be able to think he would need a fire. It took Brian a long time to make a fire the first time because he never knew how to make of a fire. But after the tornado came Brian had to make a fire again and it took an hour only to make a fire. In my opinion I think that Brian had should not have cut himself because Brian was all alone and he had no one to help him if he actually got really hurt. If Brian had cut himself he would have been in so much trouble. Also Brian knew that the plane was the only thing for him to survive. But the plane did not see Brian down by the lake. In my opinion Brian Looking for the survival pack was smart because Brian saw a kit when the was flying to Northern Canada with the pilot and that made Brian think there will be a lot of useful items in that survival pack. Brian had really known that their are items that he can use like a sleeping bag, pots, forks and spoons, matches and etc. But Brian getting rescued was the most special day for him because for fifty-four days Brian has been all alone and when the rescue plane had come Brian knew it was really important for him.
As well as, Brian finding the survival pack was significant because the survival pack would be useful. Brian made a raft to get to the airplane. The raft was helpful because Brian could put his tools in the raft. Brian knew that their was a survival pack in the airplane. When he got to the plane Brian had used the hatchet to cut a hole in the airplane which he can go through. Finally Brian made a big hole that he could go in to get the survival pack.

But while Brian was looking for the survival pack he had hit the switch to connect to the airport. The airport had sent the a survival airplane so Brian could get rescued from the wilderness. The text said "The (rescue) pilot cut the engine, opened the door, and got out balanced and stepped forward.'' This tells me that a rescue airplane came to rescue Brian. Also if Brian had not hit the switch Brian would have been in the wilderness more then fifty-four days and maybe also in the winter. Finding the Survival Pack& Getting Rescued Conclusion Thank you for listening to my assignment And again I will tell you what I have said in the my prezi. The crash is what got Brian in the wilderness. The fool bird is how Brian found the gut cherries. The way that Brian had learn to make a fire. The plane passing made Brian cut himself, then Brian had found he has become someone else. the way Brian found the survival pack was unique until he was rescued . The Plane passing and Change of Attitude I know the plane passing is an significant part of Hatchet because that plane was the only thing that could help Brian survive . But the people in the plane did not see Brian down by the L shape lake. After the plane left Brain was so mad of what had just happen to him so he had decided to to commit suicide.

Brian decided to cut himself with this hatchet on the arm. After Brian tried to commit suicide, he noticed that he had changed. Brian knew that he was a person when he first landed in the wilderness and now, Brain has been living a life as a animal because every animal has to do one thing, survive. Also in the text Brian said "I have changed." By this quote from the text the author might have meant that Brian has become someone that he has never thought about. He has become someone that only thinks about one thing which is survival.
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