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The Native American Tribe of the Eskimo

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Christian Ball

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of The Native American Tribe of the Eskimo

Who are the Eskimo
The Eskimo tribe has a normal or standard amount of education. They are taught like most of the world. It is basically homeschool. Their primarily language would be Inupian.
About Their Artwork
The Eskimos used their artwork, similar to many of the other Native American tribes, to express their stories, their culture, and their timeline. They did carvings but mainly produced sculptures that were made of driftwood, stones, and animal bones.
The Eskimo lived typically in the North American region in areas such as Alaska and in upper Canada. Anywhere where they could live in the cold climate and where food was abundant as well as resources.
As many would expect the population of a native american tribe, especially one that lives in such cold conditions, there is estimated around 25,000 to 35,000 Eskimos. There are still members of the Eskimos that continue their practices.
The Native American Tribe of the Eskimos (Inuit Tribe)
Social Issues
The Eskimos are one of the most widely spread out, groups of people in the world. The word "Eskimo" means "eater of raw fish". They were born rougly around 4,000 years ago and have a long history of migration.
There is an intense social issue with the Eskimos and normal society over the matter of global warming. They are launching a issuing a human rights case by claiming that humans are to blame for global warming and this is destroying their home. So eventually they fear they will go extinct.
Some other Artworks
Inuit Soapstone carving of an otter
Inuit carving of "The Great Bear
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