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on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of CESC - HRMS

Just a few more days to go....
CESC is on the verge of launching
Human Resource Management System

Objectives of HRMS
What is HRMS ????
Human Resource Management System is an Oracle ERP based application which will leverage computerized workflow to speed up and optimize various administrative transactions for our officers
Streamlining of processes & better communication
Consolidated HRM information
Provide open and flexible system
Automation of HR processes
Reduction of paper transactions
Benefits of HRMS
Information at your fingertips
What is the balance of my Privilege Leave ???

Till which Financial Year did I avail LTA ???
No need to search for hard copies.
No need to ask anyone.
HRMS will provide all such info at your fingertips.
Standardization of processes
HRMS will standardize all the HR related business processes throughout the Company
Different procedures and approval methodologies for the same administrative processes was prevalent across the Departments and Divisions of the Company
Duplicate database was being maintained for different applications
Standardization of data
HRMS will ensure a single point data entry thereby preventing duplication of jobs.

System validations will ensure data sanctity and consistency
The various locations of our Company being widely spread out, administrative transactions and multi-layer approvals through paper movement took a long time to be completed
Faster Business Processes
HRMS will ensure online transactions & approvals. No matter where you are located, end-to-end transactions can now be completed very fast …..
often at the click of a mouse !!
Lesser Paper Work
HRMS will reduce paperwork and enable online transactions for most of the business processes
Various transactions such as leave application, LTA application, declaration of car etc had to be done on paper
MIS & Reports
HRMS will provide various MIS and reports which will be useful for analysis of various administrative processes and taking decisions
System generated alerts & notifications
Manage your own data
Several information related to executives like marital status, address, phone numbers, qualifications were not updated in the system
Cant keep track of when the insurance of your car is going to expire ??

How will I know whether the leave I applied has been approved ??
Don’t Worry …….

HRMS will send
in your work list so that you can keep track of any transaction. Important notifications will be sent to your
RP-SG e-mail
What you can do in
Self Service module ……
Keep your Personal Details up-to-date
Manage your Education & Qualification details
Leave Management
Manage your own Dependents
& Beneficiaries List
Manage your nominees & Beneficiaries
Manage your VPF
You can update your own information
You can define your Dependents in HRMS if you want to select them as your Nominees in PF or Gratuity or GSLI or as beneficiaries in CHNHBA
You can enter your educational and other qualification details
You can view leaves taken by you and leave balances at any point of time. You can also apply for Leaves and LTA from HRMS
Vehicle Details
Marital Status
Contact Details
No need to fill up forms for PF & Gratuity manually. Print-outs will be available from the system after necessary validations

You can view & update your nomination status …. Online !!
You can add your VPF percentage online and can change it maximum twice a year. The system will validate the percentage share you have opted for
Manage your SSPF Withdrawal
Declare your Vehicles & expenses for Tax Relief
Declaration of your Investment Plan
You can apply for SSPF withdrawal from HRMS.
Percentage of basic will be validated by the system
Manage your Salary Account
You can add or change your own Bank details Online !!!

You can select a new bank or branch from an existing bank master or add it if it does not already exist in the database
Other Features
Online nominations for training
Value added information
Employee Directory
Employee Directory, an unique feature of HRMS, will provide basic details like Department, Designation, E-mail Id, Contact numbers of your colleagues

You can even see their photo !!!!
CESC is a like an extended family with 920+ executives spread across 567 sq. Km of the City .....


Do you know all of them????

Can you recognize them personally???
HRMS will contain various value added information like Blood Group, Emergency Contact Numbers & Birthdays of all executives of our Company
Online viewing of Financial statements
In HRMS, You can view your financial statements online. This will include your monthly Pay-slips and annual statements of PF & SSPF withdrawal. These confidential documents will be protected by a second level of password
No need to communicate about participants for trainings over phone or e-mail. Concerned executives can provide the nominations online through HRMS
You do not need to manually fill up your car declaration & maintainence expense forms.

You can fill the data online and upload the relevant documents in HRMS
No need to manually fill up your investment plans in hard copies.

You can declare your plan online. You can change it as per your requirement
We look forward to your support & cooperation
for its successful implementation

In HRMS, you can edit your own data online.

Some changes will require approval
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