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A Service Project for Poverty

No description

Zach Montz

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of A Service Project for Poverty

Star of Hope
Poverty Around The Globe
More than 3 billion people earn less than $2.50 a day
1 million children in extreme poverty
Poverty line of America-$32 a day
Poverty line of Ethiopia-$1.90 a day
Lack of jobs and employment
Our Service Project

a state of deprivation, or a lack of the usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.
Persons Involved
"Poverty is hunger."
"Poverty is lack of shelter."
"Poverty is not having a job"
Poverty Line - $11,770 (additional $4,000 per person in a household)
22.9 percent of population in poverty
Median household income - $45,010
Healthcare is unaffordable for the poor
Services denied for those without ID
28.9 percent of population without access to healthcare
Poverty In Houston
No More Poverty
Causes of Poverty
Resume building
Interview Skills
Hour long courses
Class size can vary
Communication skills
Ability to work in a group
Proper attire
Proper grammar and word usage (if needed)
Cool, Calm, Confidence
Listening Skills
Types of Interview Skills Taught
Types of Resume Building Lessons
Proper font
Contact Info
Key Words
Formats and Templates
Solutions to Complications
Education Questionnaire
EQ results
Government figures place millions below government-drawn poverty lines all across the U.S.. Unemployment, like poverty, is found everywhere.
It affects the salaried as well as the hourly paid laborers, skilled as well as unskilled, professional as well as non-professional, affluent workers as well as the working poor, with ruinous results, unemployment soon confronts many of its victims with extreme poverty, disintegrates self confidence and breaks apart many households.
Growing numbers of employees are finding that "job security" is a myth and through no fault of their own are joining the echelons of the permanently unemployed.
Star of Hope is a Christ- centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of Houston's homeless, by focusing on spiritual growth,
, life management, and recovery from substance abuse. The organization was started in 1907 by a man named Reverend Dennis R. Pevoto in Since it's opening the Star of Hope has helped thousands of Houstonians get back on their feet. There are three buildings that are built, a Women & Family Emergency building, a homeless shelter, and an administration building.
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