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on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Fierce

Ty Smalley age : 11
Laura Rodes age : 13
Helena Farrell age : 15
Daily Mail age : 9
These people here suffered from bullying long enough. That is why we are here. These people have died because they did not stand up to the bullying. Help us stop bulling!!!

Help us spread the word!!
Monday: Introduction
Tuesday: Physical Bullying
Wednesday: Cyber Bullying
Thursday: Verbal Bullying
Friday: Backstabbing Bullying
Some students wake up worried to go to school. Bullying is a big problem. It happens all over the world, and innocent students get shoved, pushed, humiliated, etc. We are the FIERCE! We are here to help
Be fierce and stand up against bullying

They give us their answers and we pick the best one of each grade to say the answer in front of the whole school!
After that, we

make the students discuss the solution to bullying. That's what we do each day.
We are a program that lasts one week. Every day, a different type of bullying is discussed. The students watch a video and are informed about diffrent kinds of bullying each day. We ask them how they can stop the bullying.

Prezi made by: Aubrey, Gentry, Jacee, and Kaylee
Material !!!
Our program does't cost because it school provided and no outside of school materials are used
Jacee Gilmore, Aubrey French, Gentry Garner, and Kaylee Callas are in charge of this program.
-school computers
-youtube channels
- a projecter
-notebook paper

Over 1,000 kids get bullyed each year! Raising awareness helps lower that number. That's an IMPORTANT reaosn why we need this program.
FACT: Kids have killed themselves from being bullied!
Our reason
Any Questions?
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