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Paper Sculpture

For Middle School Sculpture Class

Lindsey Foushee

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Paper Sculpture

Sculpture 101
SCULPTURE is 3D art, created with any material that can be molded, added to, cut away, or arranged.

Common materials that you may see in a museum include clay, wood, marble, or metal.

You can use other materials, like cardboard, plaster, tape, or paper.
3D Forms
Since sculpture is a 3D medium, that means it has FORM instead of SHAPE.
Manipulating Paper
There are 3 ways to change the shape of a piece of paper:
Decorative Techniques
Paper Sculpture
Bronze: Frederick Remington
Marble: Daniel Chester French
Wood: Tlinget Tribe
Clay/Terra Cotta: Qin Dynasty, China (~200 BCE)
Choose a partner *wisely*
Experiment with techniques
The technique you like BEST, begin to create 60 pieces in various sizes
Label a bucket with names on masking tape
Choose a Principle of Design to help you arrange your pieces into an interesting composition. A "composition" is an interesting arrangement of objects in a piece of art.
A form has volume, which means it can stand on it's own.
height & width
height, width & depth
thanks to http://calvertcanvas.blogspot.com.au/ for sharing this lesson
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