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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

No description

James Shoenhair

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Prezi
Presented By James Shoenhair
Written by Ransom Riggs
Ransom Riggs
Main Character
Supporting Characters
Inner Conflict, Protagonist vs. Antagonist
Overlapping aspects
Jacob (Protagonist)
Jacob (Antagonist)
Setting/ History
Plot Summary
Hollows and Wights
A wight photographed with a victim.
Emma, the Fire starter
Miss Peregrine, Ymbryne (Time Manipulating Bird shifter)
Miss Peregrine takes care of the children under her care by keeping everyone in a time loop that repeats the same day over and over again.
Emma is a former friend of Jacob's grandfather and Jacob's friend.
Her ability is to summon fire on command.
Franklin Portman
(Jacob's father)
He accompanies Jacob to Cairnholm Island.
Being an ornithologist, Jacob's reason for being allowed to go on his adventure.
Easily discouraged from his work but is able to give Jacob a lot of information about his grandfather.
Artwork Pictures of Hollows
Hollows and wights find and kill Peculiar children. On the left, the picture shows a wight with his victim and on the right are artwork pictures of a hollow.
Hollows are monsters with thick, ropy tongues that capture people who try to run away.
Wights are former hollows that have killed enough Peculiar children to take human form again.
Jacob Portman
Protagonist of the story.
Originally from America, he travels to Cairnholm Island to find answers about the message his grandfather told him just before his death.
Jacob is a rare type of Peculiar that can see hollows but did not know he was. He found out while on Cairnholm Island.
Having believed all his life that he was too weak and helpless to make a change, he is his own antagonist.
Peculiar ability to see hollows.
Leader of the Peculiar children to fight the hollow.
Mission to find answers about Grandpa Abe Portman.
Loner, Isolated
Dealt with knowledge about being a Peculiar and about Grandpa Abe.
German U-boat submarine below.
Pictures of Cairnholm Island in Wales
Cairnholm is the island Jacob's grandfather used to live on and is where the children's home is located.
Picture above of Miss Peregrine's children's home. There, all the Peculiar children lived and hid in a time loop from hollows.
In 1942, during the time loop, German U-boats attacked Cairnholm as a military target as the rest of the Nazi army attacked most of Europe in WWII
In the end of the novel, the wight, Dr. Golan escapes on a German U-boat.
A quick recap of each section of the story.
Jacob's grandfather dies and leaves Jacob clues to follow in the form of cryptic messages.
Jacob and his father travel to Cairnholm Island to investigate Abe Portman's past.
Rising Action
Jacob discovers he is a Peculiar as well and so was his grandfather.
Jacob uncovers the Peculiar children and Miss Peregrine living in an old house in 1942, trapped hiding in a time loop.
Hollows and wights come to Cairnholm to search for the Peculiar children living in the time loop.
A hollow attacks Jacob, Enoch, Bronwyn, and Emma.
Jacob has to find the inner strength to defeat the hollow and finds the bravery to kill it with an old pair of shears.
The peculiar children defeat the hollow but Dr. Golan, the wight escapes.
Miss Peregrine is unable to return to her human form. She is stuck in her peregrine falcon form.
The peculiar children, including Jacob, leave the old children's home and abandon the time loop keeping them hidden to find the time loop the hollows are hiding in.
Important Info
American Writer and filmaker
Born in Los Angles, moved to Florida as a teen.
A member of the University of Virginia's Young Writers Workshop for three years.
Studied at Kenyon College for English, University of Southern California for Filmaking.
Other Books:
The Hollow City
Talking Pictures: Images and Messages Rescued From the Past.
Sherlock Holmes: The methods of the World's Greatest Detective
Feb. 28, 2014
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