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ADP Prezi

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Lori Neuman

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of ADP Prezi

Interview Sales Presentation!

ACME Pharmaceuticals
Bill Reed, CEO (60% owner).
26 year old company.
Based in Wisconsin.
Approximately 40 employees.
Recent press release, "Acme Pharmaceuticals Showcases Expanded Range of Services at InterPhex."
Acme continues to invest in technology and talent.
Acme strives to meet performance goals.
Acme offers continuous training.
Acme is a contract manufacturing and packing company with plans on expansion.
Acme currently staffs an HR department, Quality Assurance department, IT department and many others.
TotalSource SDM
ME > TotalSource DM
SBS Manager
Manhattan + Dori Newman = The perfect balance.
ADP Success!
Learning about TotalSource & the Process.
2 Potential Transitioning Challenges!
TotalSource: Top 5
does TotalSource offer?
> Co-Employment Model
#1 - It's Necessary!
for small to mid-sized businesses.
D - etermined
O - ptimistic
R - eceptive
I - nnovative

Social Media
Sales Force
Google Search (tools)
Social Media
Dori Newman
TotalSource DM Manhattan
Ready for the next challenge...ADP
Enters into the PEO Market - 1999
Performance to date - investorplace.com
Performance to date - Motley Fool & Yahoo! Finance
Why is
for me? Consistent growth!
1949 > At the age of 21 Henry Taub worked with his 1st payroll client.
Henry Taub (CEO), Joe Taub (HR) & Frank Lautenberg (1st FT salesman).
1961 >
goes public.
300 clients
125 employees
$400,000 in annual revenues
ADP acquired the Vincam Group based in Miami with a recent expansion in Portland, OR.
To date there are 700 PEO's operating in 50 states.
The average PEO has grown more than 20 percent per year for each of the last six years, according to a survey by NAPEO.
The estimated addressable market penetration is only between 3% and 20%. (www.virgocapital.com)
ADP is one of the world's largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management solutions. ADP serves approximately 600,000 clients in more than 125 countries.
ADP remains one of only four non-financial U.S. companies rated AAA by both leading credit rating agencies.
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ),
, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM).
The stock is up more than 20% in 2013.
Stock is up 61% in last 5 years.
TotalSource Solution Value Proposition
Your Business, But Better!
Enables clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of:
Human Resources
Employee Benefits
Workers' Compensation
Training & Development
Risk Management & Safety
Regulatory Compliance

Which enables clients to realize the following:
An increase in Employee Productivity
A Reduction in Administration Burden
Helps Mitigate Risk
Become an Employer of Choice

Outsourcing these services allows businesses to focus on core business functions and stabilize costs.
Introduction - Aug. 12th Start
Meet SBS + TotalSource team members.
Train on Salesforce and uncover opportunities.
Work with SBS counterpart to understand today's challenges as well as today's successes.
Identify 3 potential opportunities to close in 90 days.
Join SBS and TotalSource managers in the field to learn about the process.
Close by Nov. 11th
Close at least one lead.
Evaluate what I learned from the process.
Evaluate how I can create a new lead from deal closed.
Continue to learn about the PEO market, TotalSource and competitors.
Attend healthcare meetups in NYC.
Read about TotalSource online and in the news.
Work with colleagues to gain knowledge.
Learn about competitors within the PEO market.
Begin to understand Health Care Reform initiatives as well as potential obstacles for businesses.
Create a potential networking event list (Javits + Meetup).
Product Knowledge
TotalSource is an outsourced human resource and employee benefits solution for small to mid-sized businesses.
(PEO) Employer of Record (Client)Work site Employer.
Shared Liability
Optimize benefits similar to a Fortune 500 company.
Tools to monitor employee performance.
Tools to monitor risk management and safety.
Stay current with state and federal regulations.
A team that can even work with existing HR departments.

Reduce as well as control costs.
Improve workforce efficiency.
Asset protection.
Stay competitive, attract and retain top talent.
Largest PEO with 45 regional offices in more than 20 US states.
9,000+ clients
ADP is a AAA rated company.
When companies have problems, ADP TotalSource has solutions.
Top 5 points:
TotalSource Solution - Value Proposition.
Why is
for me?
Why Dori Newman is a great match for
2 Potential Transitioning Challenges.
30/60/90 plan
Role Play - ACME Pharmaceuticals
Ready for the next challenge!
* The average client of NAPEO's member PEOs has only 19 work site employees. Without the PEO relationship these workers would not have protections under (COBRA) or (ADA).
Strong Work Ethic
Team Players
Proven Sales Achievements
Leadership Skills
Strong Work Ethic
Team Players
Proven Sales Achievements
ACME Pharmaceuticals
What is
Access to affordable Fortune 500 benefits (401k, Term Life and Disability, Dental and Vision, Flexible Spending, COBRA and more).
Management tools to monitor employee performance.
Management tools to monitor risk management and safety.
A team to help Acme stay current with state and federal regulations.
A training and development program to align with Acme Pharmaceuticals.
A team that can work with your existing HR department.
82% of small to mid-sized companies that currently work with PEOs recommend this model to peers. (Aberdeen Group)
56% of ADP TotalSource clients indicate that they chose TotalSource to stabilize their costs. (ADP Research Institute)
Role Play Agenda

Verify Acme's current state of business.
What is working?
What might not be working?
TotalSource solutions.
Discuss doing a business evaluation.
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