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No description

kailey campbell

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Blobfish

Special Adaptations
Blobfish have a jelly-like substance
that has lower density than water which allows them to float above the ocean floor.

What are they?
A Blobfish is a fish .
They rarley move unless food is close to them.
What do they eat?
Blobfish are able to open and close they're mouth without muscles.
Where do they live?
They float along the bottom of the ocean.
Does it lay eggs or give live birth?

They don't have any muscles.
This is a Blobfish.

sea urchin
Food Chain
Five Interesting Facts
They can move their mouth without using muscles.
When they are taken out of water they dry-out and lose their human-like face.
They are inedible.
They lay eggs.
They have a sense that can detect if something big or small is swimming near them.
Blobfish are carnivores. They mainly eat sea urchins, mollusks, crabs, lobsters and some other things that slowly move across the bottom of the ocean.
They're able to live 800 meters deep.
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