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Who am I ? (( :

No description

Rayzeona Miller

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Who am I ? (( :

Welcome To My Life , By : Destiny Spruiell :D
Hi , my name is Destiny. I am 14 years old and I like going to basketball games and hanging out with friends.
Mike and I <3
Interests and Hobbies
Jasmine, Kamar , and I
I love ooVoo friends
Destiny Ariall Spruiell<3
Me and My Twin Imani !
Me :D
My mom (Left) and My aunt
My dad(Left) and my cousin.
My cousin and I.
My Friends :D
I like going to basketball games, and shopping.
Getting my nails done c;
1). I want to graduate with a 4.0
2)..To get some advanced classes
These are important goals because I want to get good grades so I can be on the honor roll and get into a good college. I want to be the best student I can be at the college I attend
1). Get into a good college.
2). Become a doctor.
These are important goals because getting into a good college can really help me with jobs, and I want to become a doctor so it will help me by getting into a good college.
Kamar,Ray and I.
I'm going to take all the required classes to become a doctor .
I'm going to get a medical degree , bachelor degree and take 4 years of medical school . I would have to take Biology,General Chemistry,Calculus and Organic Chemistry .
Without these degrees I'm not going to become a doctor
I will train to become a doctor by
completing medical school and getting
my license.I'm going to go to different
hospitals to do clinicals,a two-year
period with all UK medical graduates.
Training can take up to 10 years .If not my dream will not come true.
I like shopping at Aeropostale
Ending statement
work habits
I will do everything in my
power to reach my goal.
I will attend school everyday,
take pride in my work,pay
attention and also study
I have alot of loving and supporting family that
makes me who I am.My family will help me focus
on my goal , and help accomplish it . Becoming
a doctor is alot of work , but I believe I can do it.
I want to attend Wayne State University for my
four years of college.
REflection. . .
This is a huge goal that later in the future I will
accomplish, even though it is hard work and lots
of effort . After I've been working for a couple of
years I would like to get married , with NO kids .
I want to move to Atlanta , to go Georgia State University
to work on another degree.After I've lived my life MAYBE
I'll think about kids.
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