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Cute Dogs!

These Dogs Are Ready To Show Their Sense Of Style!

Haley Sweigart

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Cute Dogs!

Some Dogs Are Normal, Lazy, And Boring. But Some Dogs Are Awesome, Playful,and Crazy. And Some LOVE To Show Off Their
Outfits!!! This Puggle
Loves to dress up no matter what. if shes just going for a 5 minute walk, you
she is gonna be dressed up! Guessed it, SCORE!! This Beagle
is an allstar! he is
famous for his good looks,
and all the points he
scores for the team. This Bulldog Is A Skateboarding Champ!
He Will Skateboard Anywhere, Anytime.
Not Only Is He Rockin' The Skateboard...
Check Out That Hat! Whats Up Dude? Is Taking Their First Prom Picture!
Will They Be Prom King And Queen? This Lovely Young couple READY FOR BATTLE! This Pup Is Going On A Dangerous
Mission! With His Mask On His
Face And A Sword By His Side,
I'm Sure He'll Make It! Not Just Any Kitty, Hello Kitty! This Dog Is Dressed Up As A KITTY?!?! This Pug Loves To Play Softball! Or To Show Off How Cute they are, Our Little Friends Aren't Just To Dress up, They Are Our Best Friends. And We Need To Respect That. Always Love your Dogs. They Are A Part Of Our Family, Our Best Friends And..... Our Companions Thank You!.....
For Watching
My Prezi.
Hope You Liked It!
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