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Case Study - Melissa Reid

No description

Julia Buttigieg

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Case Study - Melissa Reid

Case Study
Melissa's Story
Melissa Reid, is a 23 year old Senior at Metropolitan University, Majoring in English Education
Melissa Reid
Melissa, was getting her experience at Littleton High School in the English Department.
Melissa's Cooperating teacher, Jane Maddox was organized, fair, creative and respected. She turned out to be someone to model.
The two agreed that as soon as Melissa feels ready, she could start having the class to herself.
Jane, the former classroom teacher was open to Melissa's ideas and encouraged her to implement cooperative activities in the classroom.
The Class
Maria - Sweet and Determined

Toni - Flirt, Talkative and Disruptive
Two Girls
Ted & Brandon

Michael - Excellent Student

James - Reasonably Bright

Gregory - never tries to succeed academically
Jose & Eddie - Two Respectful Leaders
Melissa Kept Jane's Class Rules and Reinforced them, helping the class to be Attentive and Participative
'You work in a Restaurant, Miss Reid?'
'Yes and No. I'm not officially on Staff.'
'You just said you're not a real teacher. You can't do anything to us!'
The students started testing her patience. They misbehaved in class and did not consider her or respect her as a teacher.
Melissa was going to give up and asked Jane to go back to being in the class. Jane refused and suggested that Melissa takes the matters in her own hands.
All this drove Melissa to take the required actions and reported this misbehavior
Latino Students
The consequences to Melissa taking action where not as she expected. The parents reacted differently and so did the students.
'I hope you enjoy reading this.'
'When I go home tonight, I'm going to get my father's shotgun. I know just where he hides it. Then, tomorrow, I'll come into school real early, hide, and blow the bitch away. '
What was Melissa's Reaction? What did she do? Was it the right thing to call?
Did Melissa Consider any home problems?
Classroom Management
How did Melissa cope with class management? Did she take correct measures?
It is of utmost importance to Always consider both sides of the story.
Melissa made it a point to go down to the students level and try her best to relate to their problems and understand them
We feel that Melissa's main weakness was Class Management
It is important to set and underline your own rules and regulations
Avoid Unfairness, having Favourites and being Biased
Avoid giving Personal Information
Melissa should have thought about the worst possible scenario.
What bothered James the most?
Class Management is of Prime Importance
Teachers MUST draw a line between being the Teacher and a Friend
A teacher should always reflect the consequences prior to her actions
What Have we Learnt?
We considered TWO Possibilities
Should Melissa have called home?
Did she have enough knowledge?
Melissa Must take precautions
James must be made aware of the seriousness of his behaviour
This case could be the opening to help James handle his troubles and help him in anything that might be happening in his life.
According to Shore, “Inform the principal immediately if a student makes what you perceive to be a serious threat or hits you” (n.d.) hence Melissa and Jane Maddox confide with the head of school.
Shore, K. (n.d.). Dr. Ken Shore’s Classroom Problem solver – Hitting or Threatening A Teacher.
Retrieved from http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/shore/shore069.shtml
Both situations require the essay as proof and Melissa’s recount of James’ behavior.
Head of school searches pupil’s records regarding his behavior and any related situations in the past years. Jane’s personal classroom account should also be taken into consideration.
Melissa and Jane Maddox write a report recounting the entire case.
Head of school takes the report to the director of education and discuss further.

If case taken seriously, Education director contacts police for further advise.
Police search criminal records regarding James’ family.
If alarming records are found, case is taken on by the police in conjunction with the Education director.

Undercover police is stationed on the following day in order to supervise and be on the alert. Other possibilities are: to consult social worker; the school psychologist; the security services offered by the school.
Kanan states, “An important message to convey to staff members is that it is far better to investigate a concern that turns out not to be a serious threat than to fail to respond to a threat that is real
Kanan, L. M. (2010). When Students Make Threats. Retrieved from http://www.nasponline.org/resources/principals/Threat_Assessment_April10_NASSP.pdf, p. 1.
Did this situation come about due to Melissa's attitude
Answering Personal Questions
Losing the Respect and Control of a Situation
Class Management Lacking Sufficiency and Accuracy
Inconsistency in Penalty and disobedience consequences
Setting Rules and Regulations to Deal with Student Behavior
Getting to know the student and delve into problems to help them
Be aware of class behavior and attitudes. do not be tolerant to everything
has her ups and
downs in teaching.
She has positive attitudes
but has to work on her
North Carolina High School shooting threat which took place in October, 2013. “While the threat was not credible…the Pine Forest High School community is still on guard”
Shaw, abcnews.go.com, 2013
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