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Citizenship in the community for scouts

No description

Troy Wright

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Citizenship in the community for scouts

Citizenship in the Community
Scout Project
By : Jordan Wright Trail Ridge Middle School Sandstone Ranch soccer fields Visitors center at Sandstone Ranch Sandstone Ranch trail Union Reservoir Jim Hamm nature preserve Skyline High School Vance Brand Auditorium Fire Station #3 Ye olde sugar factory Recreation Center Wildlife on a pond Longmont museum Public Art in Longmont Barn in Longmont Train station off of main street Recycling center Longmont Library Civic Center Police station St. Stephen's church Original city plan of Longmont One of Longmont's historical landmarks Longmont Fairgrounds History
This 5' by 7' bronze map of Longmont's original 1 mile setting was commisioned for Longmont's 125th anniversary. Ben Franklin goose Once in a blue goose Iron clad robo-goosinator Donated by the Hamm family in memory of USAF Captain Jim Hamm who was shot during the war of Vietnam in 1968. That area honors all veterans from the Vietnam war. Morse Coffin came to Colorado during the gold rush. He built the house in the picture to live in. He cofounded the first rural public school. Photo is of phases 1 & 2 complete You can ride on the St. Vrain greenway from Sandstone Ranch to Airport Rd.
Bring money for Jimmy Johns around mile 5! Sugar beets were grown and sold to Great Western sugar factory. They were processed here in Longmont. Agriculture was the main employment oppurtunity for many years in Longmont. Union Reservoir was carved out during the last ice age by a glacier. It is one of the natural lakes in Colorado. It is 736 acres. Called the Webb house and was built in 1888. Is a Queen Anne architecture. In 1870 men in Chicago sold memberships to live in the Chicago-Colorado colony. Money recieved was used to buy land in northern Colorado. The town was named Longmont after Long's Peak. Longmont became a community based on farming. Main Street was designed on a 1-mile square plan. Flour mills, a vegetable cannery and a sugar beet factory were major employers as Longmont grew. People can from Sweden, Germany, Mexico, and Japan. The KKK took over city council in 1925. In 1927 they were voted out of office. During World War II imprisoned Japanese-Americans were brought to Longmont to work the sugar beet fields. In 1962 the US government built the air traffic control center. In 1965 IBM built their facility south of Longmont. Longmont used to be based on agriculture but now it is based on technology.
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