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Jasons Gold

No description

todd mike

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Jasons Gold

Jason's Gold prezi by David Mike Todd
5th hour What is it about? It is about a kid named Jason that
heads to Alaska to try and find
gold. On the way he faces many
challenging problems he has to face Where does the story take place? The story takes place in Alaska. . Who are the main characters? The main characters include:
Jason, King (Jason's dog), and Jamie. What is the conflict in the story? The conflict is the harsh weather
causes Jason to stay in a cabin
he found for the winter with a
boy named Charlie that was left
by his fellow travels to die,
but Jason helps him surive. This is what the book
I read is about. Author is Will Hobbs Bye for now, see you on my next prezi! what is the one word that I did not now
about until I read this book? The word that I learned about in the book
is knapsack. Knapsack: a bag to keep things in. I bought a knapsack at the store
on Monday. An antonym for the word knapsack
is books. Genre: realistic fiction. Main Events:
1. The goldrush begins.
2. Jason gets to Alaska
by hiding on a boat unnoticed.
3. He makes friends with a dog named
4. He helps a kid named Charlie survie
the winter.
Resolution. 5. He gets to Darson City and finds his
brothers. How he felt: What he did: He felt determindned
to make it there. He strugled to make it all the way to Darson City but he did make it there in the end. Character Map. What do the characters have in common? They all are in the Alaska gold rush to try to become rich. They all are heading for Dawson City. They all are Klondikers. Character: Jason. Character: Jamie. Not in common. He is a boy trying to
find gold in Alaska. He wants to find
gold. Not in common. She is a girl from
Canda. She wants to
be in a play
whan she gets
to Dawson
City. The Climax is when: Jason and his dog King fight
three bears durning the Winter.
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