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leafy and weedy sea dragon

No description

Ashtyn Vickers

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of leafy and weedy sea dragon

.Sea dragons live in the waters off south and east Australia.
What does the Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragon look like?

Ashtyn Vickers
They feed mainly on crustaceans such as mysides or sometimes called myside shrimps, (sea lice). After the first couple days of a newly born sea dragon, they eat small
"zooplankton"(copepods and rotifers) until they grow large enough to grow mysides.
These creatures are carnivores.
House Pet
Seadragons are frequently taken by divers seeking for pets. In fact, such takings shrank their numbers so critically by the early 1990s the Australian government,(where they live)placed a complete protection on both species, Leafy and Weedy.(which is why I can't show you in real life.)
Where can I find the Leafy and Weedy Sea dragon?
Classification System

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Binomal name:Phycodurus eques

.Brown to yellow in body color.

. Very long, thin snouts

. Slender trunks covered in bony rings

. Thin tails which, unlike their seahorse cousins, can't use for gripping.

. Have small transparent dorsal fins that help them propel and steer awkwardly through the water.
The leafy seadragon uses the fins along the side of its head to allow it to steer and turn. However, its outer skin is rather rigid,limiting mobility. Individual Leafy Seadragons have been observed remaining in one location for extended periods of time(up to 68 hours)but will sometimes move for lengthy periods. The tracking of one individual indacated it moves at up to 150 meters( 490 feet) every hour.
1) Pollution and fertiliser run-off
2) Human collectors
3) Being a fragile animal, storms can toss them around rapidly and can change the water pressure and can
"rupture" them.
4) Being slow swimmers,these same storms can cause them to get stranded on beaches.
5) some use as "alternative " human medicine. (means they kill)
6) Newly born and young Seadragons are hunted and eaten by anemones, crabs, and hydroids.
Types of Sea Dragons...
There are two types of seadragons: Leafy Sea dragon and Weedy sea dragon. How do we know this? Well, it either if they have weeds or leafs. To tell what gender it is you have to see if it has a pouch or not.
Leafy Sea Dragon
Weedy Sea Dragon
Girl;no pouch
Quick Facts
Size-Leafy, up to 13.8 inches, Weedy, up to 18 inches
How long they live-they can live up to 6-10 years in captivity.
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Unique Australian Animals
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Whttp://enwikiprdia.org/wiki/Leafy-Seadragon May 2,2013

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May 2,2013
If you have questions, please ask now.

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