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Informative speech

Alexis Sterling

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Pinterest

Co Founders of Pinterest -Ben Silbermann left job in June 2010
-2 years later Pinterest started
-3 months after starting 3,000 accounts
-saw 104 million visits in March 2012
-strong 3rd behind Facebook(7 billion)
and Twitter (182 million)
- 68% of users are women of these women 85% cause traffic on the site
-more than half the women on Pinterest are over the age of 35 A Pinterest in History How to use Pinterest 1924 1978 1974 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr -Pinterest started about 100
years ago in 1924. George Brooks
patented the idea of tacking notices
to the wall in a community. "bulletin boards" became must
haves in offices, hospitals, etc. 1st computer version of
bulletin board How To Use Pinterest -Log on to www.pinterest.com
-click the join pinterest button
-can sign in by Twitter and Facebook or use an email address
-fill in the information needed
-wait for conformation
-select 5 boards to follow that you're interested in to start your pinterest feed -after selecting 5 boards to follow
you will create boards that interest
you Some Pinterest Vocab. Pin-image or video, either from a website or uploaded from the user. A description can be added to go along with the pin
Repin- how content spreads through the site/ share with friends
Board- where your pins live "bulletin board" of pins -who you follow impacts what appears on your home page
-can follow a users boards or just a single board Following other pinterest users How Pinterest is useful -Inspiration
-hosting a party, getting married, remodeling a house, or looking for a recipe -help guide buying decisions -well organized information easy to save and share with others -ability to keep up on what friends like and are doing Uses for Pinterest at work -Jennifer Levy, an Interior designer in Brooklyn, uses Pinterest to share images with clients and to get inspiration for designs.
-Librarians use the site "pin" reading suggestions so they can get comments of opinions from people all over. -step by step instructions on how to make things How I use Pinterest catergories/search: tattoos, art, sketch, drawing Ever heard of Pinterest? Pinterest has been around for 2 years, which is easy to use and has helped millions along the way. Pinterest is simple to use and helps many people every day. No wonder it's been around over 2 years.
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