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The Scientific Method (Foldable)

TSW research and formulate testable questions and hypotheses. TSW recognize the importance of the independent variable, dependent variables, control of constants, and multiple trials to the design of a valid experiment. TSW make qualitative observati

Michael Goorsky

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of The Scientific Method (Foldable)

The Scientific Method
Step 1: Setting Up the Experiment
Step 2: Performing the Experiment
Step 3: Evaluating the Experiment
The Scientific Method
TSW develop a grade level appropriate scientific investigation with teacher assistance.

Do the experiment
Record all data
Perform each of the
trials exactly the same
A very basic experiment
at least
ACT Prep Video
How is a question testable?
Independent and Dependent Variables are evident
Make sure you have...
1. Described trends in data. (what happened)
2. Examined an explanation for the data (why it happened)
3. Compared the results to your hypothesis (were you right)
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