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Vehicle Detection Technologies

Advanced Traffic Course (ECIV5332) : Presentation About Vehicle Detection Technologies with brief introduction to each type .. Prepared By Noor Yahia Hassan , as a Fourth year student of Civil Engineering at the Islamic university of Gaza(IUG)

Noor Hassan

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Vehicle Detection Technologies

Vehicle Detection Technologies
Active Infrared Detectors
Passive Infrared Detectors
detects energy emitted by objects in the field of view

may use signal-processing algorithms to extract the desired information

UltraSonic Detector
Mounting of Ultrasonic Range-Measuring Sensors
Ultrasonic Detector
Vehicle Detection Technologies
New Technologies ...
Video Image Processors :
VIP operation System
Inductive loop detectors
Consists of one or more loops of wire embedded in the pavement
and connected to a control box.

Inductive loop detectors
Ultrasonic detectors

Both types operate by transmitting ultrasonic energy and measuring the energy reflected by the target.

These measurements are processed to obtain measurements of vehicle presence, speed, and occupancy.

Pros & Cons
Microwave wave radars
They operate by measuring the energy reflected from target vehicles within the field of view.

By processing the information received in the reflected energy, the detectors measure speed, occupancy, and presence

It's a combination of hardware and software which extracts desired information from data provided by an imaging sensor

sensor can be a conventional TV camera or an infrared camera

Can detect speed, occupancy, count, and presence

It's mounted above the road instead of in the road
the placement of vehicle detection zones can be made by the operator
the system can be used to track vehicles

the need to overcome detection artifacts caused by shadows, weather and reflections from the roadway surface

Infrared Detectors :
operate by transmitting energy from either a light emitting diode (LED) or a laser diode.
Both illuminates the target, and the reflected energy is focused onto a detector consisting of a pixel or an
array of pixels.

The measured data is then processed using various signal-processing algorithms to extract the desired information.

provide count, presence, speed, vehicle classification , and occupancy data in both night and day operation.

can detect presence, occupancy, and count.

can be operated during both day and night.

they can be mounted in both side and overhead configurations.
can be sensitive to inclement weather conditions and ambient light

Can be a very sophisticated process .
speed measuring.
Operation :
Detect velocity directly .
Cover multiple lanes if it is placed properly and appropriate signal processing techniques are used.

False detection due to multipath
When a vehicle passes over or rests on the loop, the inductance of the loop is reduced. This causes a detection to be signaled in the control box.

Well-defined zone of detection

the detectors are very sensitive to the installation process.

Prepared By :

Noor Yahia Robeen Hassan 220111009
Submitted to :

Dr. Yahia Al-Sarraj
Advanced Traffic Course
Presentation About
Provides all-weather operation.
Microwave Detector Operation
Other Technologies...
Passive Acoustic Detector Arrays
Spread-spectrum wideband radar
Magnetic Detectors
Acceleration detectors
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