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GE's Talent Machine: The Making of a CEO

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Scott Becker

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of GE's Talent Machine: The Making of a CEO

GE's Talent Machine The making of a CEO Background - Founded in 1878 by Thomas Edison

- Pioneer of centralized corporate control in 1930s

- $342M to $3.46B over 15 years due to WWII production needs

- Ralph Cordiner built first corporate university, Crotonville, as part of the decentralization plan

-Early HR development was among the most sophisticated in the world Background Problems -Job Rotation as design structure Problems - Talent Machine:

Vitality Curve, Recruitment, Executive Bands Executive Bands Solutions - Job Enrichment as design structure to
facilitate talent development

-Adjust Talent machine
-Vitality Curve: invest in the 70%
-Recruitment: expand global recruits
-Executive Bands: between 7 and 29 Summary - From Job Enlargement to Job Enrichment

- Adjust or redo Talent Machine?
- 70% & 20%

- Recruitment
- National to International

- Executive bands
- Middle point

- Jack Welch led GE to become one of the most recognized companies nation wide

-In 2001, Jeff Immelt became GE's 12th leader after Edison

-9/11 spurred Immelt to grow GE by improving annual earnings by 10%

-40% of time devoted to people issues Questions ?
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