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Isaac Rsonberg


Matthew Venturini

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Isaac Rsonberg

Double click anywhere & add an idea Isaac Rosenberg English poet and artist born on November 1890 in Bristol, England. Jewish decent, parents fled Lithuania and moved to England
due to anti-Jewish pogroms. At the age of fourteen he left to go to school and became an apprentice engraver. He later went to Slade school and studied along side
famous poets such as David Bomberg,
Edward Wadsworth, and Dora Carrington. He started to write poetry serriously under the guadiance of Laurence Binyon and Edward Marsh.
But then became a subject to chronic bronchitis and had to move to South Africa. In Cape Town, South Africa Rosenberg lived with his sister Mina and wrote the poem On Receiving News Of The War.
This poem was different from all the other poems because, he was critical of the war from the begining, while others were writing about the patriotic sacrifice. Upon returning to England in 1915 Rosenburg enlisted in the army
and was transferred into the 11th battalion and was ordered to the Somme were he died on April 1, 1918. After, just finishing a night partol. On Receiving News of The War

Snow is a strange white word.
No ice or frost
Has asked of bud or bird
For Winter's Cost.

Yet ice and frost and snow
From earth to sky
This Summer this land doth know.
No man knows why.

In all mens hearts it is.
Some spirit old
Hath turned with malign kiss
Our lives to mould.

Red fangs have torn His face.
God's blood is shed.
He mourns form His lone place
His children dead.

O! ancient crimson curse!
Corrode, consume.
Give back this universe
Its prestine bloom After death he was morized at the Westminster Abbey's poets corner on November 11, 1985.
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