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Carolina Vizcarra

on 20 December 2015

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Transcript of I AM MALALA

I AM MALALA by Malala Yousafzai
Carolina Vizcarra
Mrs. Ramirez
Honors 9 English
Period 2

Author's Purpose
Malala's purpose in writing this book was to "Raise voice on behalf of the millions of girls around the world who are being denied the right to go to school and realize their potential."
Main Ideas
Malala wanted to fight for the right of education for girls
Taliban men invaded Pakistan and were bombing places and also were against the thought of girls going to school
Malala was shot and had to move to Birmingham, England.
Intended Audience
The intended audience for this book was mainly for young girls. "I believe that each girl, not just boys have the ability to change the world and that all they need is a chance." It's also intended for girls because she talks about how girls weren't allowed to do certain things like
eat certain foods
go to school
and had to wear certain clothing
go out with a male relative always
Author's Credibility
Malala sure had the credibility to write this book because she is the one who was
going to the interviews with her father
who gladly attended school
heard the bombs going off everyday
who was shot by the Taliban bullet!
was in critical condition, had to be flown out of Pakistan into Birmingham, England
In I Am Malala
Malala is from Pakistan and she has 2 brothers, she is the only girl.
Malala's father always supported her in the fact that she enjoyed/valued going to school.
She was 10 years old when the Taliban men intruded her country..
Taliban men were bombing many facilities, especially schools.
Taliban targeted her and her father.
Malala was only 15 and was going home from school and was on the bus when she was shot by the Taliban bullet/man.
When she was shot
After Malala had been going to various interviews, the Taliban targeted her and her father
She was going home from school and was on the bus
Got shot along with 2 other girls
Was shot through the head and left ear
Had to immediately be flown out of Pakistan for safety reasons
Couldn't hear from one side, had to have surgery
Was in severe critical condition
Life in Birmingham
Malala describes living in Birmingham as "different".
Everyone is allowed at school
no bombings
so much technology
misses her bestfriend, Moniba
misses her valley in Pakistan, Swat
My Opinion
I think this is a very good book. It made me realize how much we take for granted here in the U.S. Not many countries have what we have. The right to education for ANYBODY, Jobs open to everyone, etc. I think Malala strongly/clearly made her point. Everybody deserves the equal rights and that is what she conveyed.
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