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Gathering Blue

No description

Kassidy Blankenship

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Lois Lowry Gathering Blue Characters Kira- a teenage orphan who has an unbelievable talent for weaving.

Thomas, an orphaned boy around the same age as Kira, has an amazing gift for Carving wood

Matt, one of Kira's few friends is a very rambunctious, rule breaking tyke

Annabella-A very old, yet very wise women who teaches Kira the art of dyes. The only color that Annabelle fails to make is blue. Summary Kira, born with a bad leg in a society that shuns imperfections is orphaned after her mother dies of a mysterious illness. To her shock, Kira is taken to live in the Council Edifice, given food and indoor plumbing. She meets Thomas, a gifted carver and Jo, a very young tyke, who has a voice like no other. She is in training to be come the next Singer. Because of her unusual talent, Kira has been given a task no other villager can complete: restoring the robe which the Singer wears once a year, to sing of the peoples past. After the unexpected execution of Annabelle, they begin to build Kira her own place to dye. This unusual treatment comes with many mysteries. Kira realizes that both Thomas and Jo are orphans just as she is and that all three of them are being held in the Edifice for the rest of their lives to do work. Kira begins to question the way things are. Do things really have to be this way? Do 'beasts" really exist, or are the Guardians just trying to keep people from leaving the village? Why can't the people of the village be excepted for who they are? Are things like this all over? What secrets are the Guardians keeping from the people? Is there a way Kira can make changes ? Her misgivings lead her to become critical of her society. Connections Text to Text Lessons I learned From reading this book I learned that you shouldn't judge people based on how they look. Leave the judging up to God. Get to know someone before you start assuming things. Recommendation I recommend this book to Mercedes because her strength and compassion reminds me of Kira. The Big Coflict Kira lives in an isolated community where imperfections are casted aside, and usually killed after birth. You are only excepted if you have something to offer, usually labor. The Guardians don't want the people of the village to discover that the way they run things isn't right, and that things aren't better than the way they used to be. These people don't realize their lives could be better than this. With the help of her curiosity and Matt, Kira comes to discover this . What do you think her next move will be? Man vs. Society In the Outsiders, the greasers were thought badly of because of their name and the way they look. In Gathering Blue, no one payed much attention to Kira, and many wanted to kill her just because of her leg. If they had truely known her and what a talented weaver she was, they wouldnt've thought this way Text to World In Gathering blue, the Guardians didn't want the people of the community to know that in other places people have much better lives. In this community, peoples lives are controlled by Guardians. This is reminiscent of communism.
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