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Talking to the Text - The T4 method

No description

Mrs. McCarthy

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Talking to the Text - The T4 method

T4 is a strategy that helps the reader break apart the text and find/remember the important information.
What is Talking to the Text?
Look at the title and respond to it.
What information can you get from the title?
Look at the illustrations on the page, See if they help you understand the title.
Write down any questions you have, as they come into your head (use the margins, and text space)
Begin to read the Article. As you read, interact with the text.
Write down any connections you make as you read. To your world, you yourself, or something else you have read, to the text you are now reading.
Clarify your understanding by writing ideas from the text into your own words.
Underline and/or Circle words you don't know. Use word parts or context clues to figure out their meanings as you read.
Don't forget you should also summarize! (At the end of each page to remember what you have read)
Predict what happens next.
Visualize! Make movies in your head.
Time for T4 - or Talking to the Text!!
When reading articles and stories do your notes look like this?
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