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Library System

No description

Muaad Zayadneh

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Library System

A Library System is a software use to catalog, to track circulation and to have an inventory of the library’s assets . This uses computer-based system to keep a record of the books and the transaction that took place.
• Any education institute can make use of it for providing information about author, content of the available books.

• It can be used in offices and modifications can be easily done according to requirements.

Failure Factors

1-Finding the idea
2-Dividing the work in between.
3-Finding time for all of us to meet.
4-Assigning an appropriate due date for the subtasks to be completed.

1- Search , brainstorming .
2- list the work needed,Made the members choose
3-face to face &Online meetings
4-schedules of team members
list of the dependent works

* Changing , Incomplete Requirements and Specifications .

* People lose focus on the project's benefits .

* The Need To believe in the idea .

* Unrealistic Time Frames.

* Failure to terminate project on time.

Lessons learned

* Respect time .
* Every view point is important .
* Practice active listening and ask clarifying questions.
* Starting with what worked well can help the session get started.
(get them to say yes).
* Make sure someone takes notes .
* The value of management for project ,time and life in general

Success Factors

Library System

from the root to the fruit
• To make transactions, lending and accepting of materials, faster and convenient with less effort.

• To search for a certain material and/or related materials faster and easier.

• To keep track of acquisitions and circulation of materials.

• To accurately compute for all fees and fines when needed

* Finish the project on time .
* Divide the project on stages.
* Good budget estimate.
* Clear Requirements , Standards
and deliverables
*Good management.

prepared by : Sura Zayadneh
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