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No description

Grace McGrenere

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Music

MUSIC By Grace McGrenere Music isn't just something you listen to on the radio on the way to school. Or something you dance to at your best friend party. At least it isn't to me.... Ever since I was six years old when I got my
first CD player and CD's..... all the way to being in a band now. MUSIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY PASSION. So now to continue on I will give you three topics that I will be discussing today: Stories in Music Uniting people from Music Expressing yourself through Music Stories
through Music Listening to a song is like reading a book. Verse 1 Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus 2 Bridge Last Chorus EXACTLY Ed Sheeran is a great example of modern
day song writers. Grade 8 Instruments back up the words of a song
to make the song a complete story. Minor Major But to really get emotion..... Songs with great stories are instantly
better. Songs with stories are meant to have a relation to the listener. Everyone has that one song that seems like it was made
for them. Songs are like a best friend because they give advice. Songs can instantly change my mood. If I am feeling down turning on an upbeat song
will change my whole mood around. Or if I don't feel confident I will blast an
empowering song to change my feelings. Uniting People Together There are scientific reasons behind how music
can change your mood. Music is transferred through waves
in your brain and depending on what kind of music you are
listening to will affect how you feel. Music is the ultimate way to unite people. Sharing the same likes for music can help you make friends. Music is the best way to tell a story. It can also help you make friends around the world. Names of some Fandoms: Directioners- One Direction
Little Monsters- Lady Gaga
Swifties- Taylor Swift
Sheeranators- Ed Sheeran Most fandoms that have names are generally
from pop artists. Music also brings the whole world together when people are
in need. When people are brought together by the want to help and
the love of music amazing things can happen. Not only can music bring people together for just listening
though, but also creating music. 5 Three venues:
Art Gallery in the Galleria Mall
Budweiser Gardens
Banquet Hall (first paying gig). Seven almost eight songs: Rolling in the Deep
Seven Nation Army
Gold Lion
Gold on the Ceiling
Mr Brightside
Hanging on the Telephone
Street Spirit
Cosmic Love- Almost Being in a band has really helped me find
myself and I have made four new friends through it. Music is way better when there is more than one person. Expressing Yourself through Music The best way to express yourself is through music. Music is my of showing the world who I am. There are three ways I express myself through music Lyric Writing Playing Instruments Performing Writing lyrics is like writing a diary entry. BAND To truly express yourself and put your heart on your
sleeve you have to play music. When I play guitar I am relieved of stress. and I become calm. Playing guitar shows my style. It represents me. Singing with music and just feeling the melody is
the perfect storm for me. Performing is my favorite way to express myself. Music is my gateway to show the world who I am. So there you have it. Music affects me in three ways. The way it tells a story.
The way it unites people.
The way it allows you to express yourself. Without music I know I would not be the same person.
An irreplaceable piece would be missing from my heart.
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